Each Week Lord Ashur invites you to join him (along with Agent C and "President" Sulik) to watch the fiercest combatants from around the known world battle it out for supremacy. We'll crown 4 divisional champs (and pick 4 wild card entries) and then we throw them all back in the hole to battle it out again... until only one remains as King of the Hole.

Critter Cup - Heat 2 - Battle Royale
AlbinoMole rat
Keeng Ra'at
Giant radscorpion
Radscorpion Queen
Microphone and Stand
This week in the Hole...
TALK - Agent C and Sulik review the week's battle

Welcome back to the Hole, for this Battle Royale between Keeng…. Err, Sulik, what are you eating?

We and I be eating Steamed Lurk with de Butter Sauce, be wanting some?

Well it does smell delicious… But we do have a broadcast to get through and Cooking with Ryan isn't until later in the year. I take it you're not exactly disappointed with the result?

We and I be thinking de result be being pretty tasty.

So this week its Keeng Ra'at and the Radscorpion Queen. You've battled both Keeng Ra'at and Radscroption Queens, what sort of strategy would you take to each?

Well, we and I be thinking a Molerat Stew be going de right way to be taking de Rat; or you could be making the Mojave Fajitas wiv de meat in de claws.

Mojave Fajitas?

Yeah, you be shelling de Radscorpion, be putting a little bit of de olive oil on de pan and be frying it. Be adding a few Jallly… Hally….. Hot Peppers, and then be serving on de flat bread. Delicious.

Do you have anything to say that doesn't involve food?

We and I be calling de losers remains.

I said that doesn't involve food… How about pokemon? Someone asked who your favourite Pokemon is…

We and I not be being able to pick, but Grampy bone be saying I be reminding him of Mankey. Says I be looking like, acting like, and smelling like him.

Really? I thought you be more like a Snorlax. Eats, sleeps, and leaves a trail of destruction between the two.

What you be saying? We and I not be hearing, Grampy be laughing too loud.


And I think on that I've pushed my luck too far, see you all next week for this rounds winner.


Critter Cup - Heat 1
Battle Royale - Keeng Ra'at or the Radscorpion Queen

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The Hole concept was originally adapted for Nukapedia by The NemesisX. Sulik character developed by the Black Isle team. New Blackboard by GarouxBloodline. Noone knows whose idea Agent c was.