Each Week Lord Ashur invites you to join him (along with Agent C and Sulik) watch the fiercest combatants from around the known world battle it out for supremacy. After we've crowned our 4 divisional champs (and the wild card entry) we'll throw them all back in the hole to battle it out again. Each battle runs form Tuesday to tuesday, and you can help us decide the outcome - vote for the toughest, the biggest, the baddest, the one your favourite will find it easier to crush, or even for just which one you like the most.

Prime Normal Division - Grand Final - The Preacher and the... Errr....
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Mike The Masticator
Joshua "Burned Man" Graham
Microphone and Stand
This week in the Hole...
TALK - Agent C and Sulik review the week's battle
Well Sulik, its the final of the Prime Normal Division. Next week we start the Championship Division where the winners and wild cards battle it out for the end title... Sulik what are you doing?

We and I be making some firewood, it be getting a bit chilly in here so Grampy be wanting to have a nice fire.

But Sulik, thats a Christmas Tree

It be being a nice tree, but it be being better when we not be feeling the cold in our grampy-bones

Its made of Plastic Sulik, you can't burn that. Its like Toxic or something.

Well, what you be suggesting we and I be doing?

Just.. Get over here and do the commentary. We'll get maintenence to sort out the boiler in a moment. Who do you like between the Burned Man, and Mike the Masticator?

Well, on one hand, Burned man already be being dead, burned and thrown off a cliff. On de other hand, Mike be being so dumb he not be knowing to stay dead if he be killed. Both have problems with moving on to the light. We and I be saying it be too close to call.

You're just tired of being wrong, right?

We and I be saying no more on that.

Oh-Kay. We'll be right back after the break.

Votes - Prime Normal Winner

Vote to win: Burned Man or Mike

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The Championship


Wild Card
One more must enter the Championship Division...

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Microphone and Stand
After the break....
TALK - Agent C and Sulik talk about... something.
Sulik, I just got off the phone with Maintenence. Is there something you want to tell me?

We and I not be knowing what you be talking about.

Apparently there are several sledge hammer sized holes in the boiler, thats why its so cold. Do you know anythign about this.

We and I not be trying to fix the boiler.

Is that a burn mark on your arm Sulik? The type you might get from boiling water rushing through a hole in the boiler?

Nah... This be.... This be being Tribal art. It be being a memento of when Grampy and Me be meeting the Burned Man.

We'll talk about this some more later Sulik.

Stay Tuned

After the winner is announced next week, The Hole will be taking a quick Christmas break... But Sulik will still be here. If you have a question for Sulik, submit it in the comment this week or when the winner of this battle is announced next week. The questions that get the most interesting or entertaining answers will be featured in a special blogpost on Christmas Day.

The Championship will begin on New Years Day.


The Hole concept was originally adapted for Nukapedia by The NemesisX. Sulik character developed by the Black Isle team. New Blackboard by GarouxBloodline. Noone knows whose idea Agent c was. If I told you who made the new "Hole" banner, I'd have to kill you.