The Hole

Citizens of The Pitt!, it is I, Lord Ashur and I bring to you all a chance to fight for your freedom!, once a week The Hole will commence and the strongest of warriors will fight it out, while you workers have the opportunity to fight my other workers and can vote and decide who should be victor. 

Because I know you only want to see the best fight the best, that is exactly what we are going to give you!  From 4 Classes (Heavyweight, Cybernetic, Travveler and Normalweight) 8 shall be chosen and shall battle until only onechampion is left standing in their class - and then we'll throw them straight back in the hole to determine the Champion of Champions!

The Hole will open on a tuesday, winner will be announced on the following Tuesday when it all begins again!

A word on "Strategic Voting"

It has come to Lord Ashur's attention that in this series you may be tempted to vote for a participant to continue not on their merits, but on the perceived ability for another contestant to defeat them easier in later rounds... Rather than discourage the practice, we encourage it! If you want Horrigan to win the next round, you are free to vote for whoever you think he'll have an easier time beating, or you may vote for your favourite of the two - it matters not as long as there is plenty of blood and gore!

Heavyweight Heat 4 - Master's Week - Harry vs Keene

FO01 NPC Harry G
Heavyweight Division, Heat 3

Keene was a Nightkin in the Master's army, whilst some say Harry manged to capture the Vault Dweller! Keene now knows no master, and Harry we understand knows no pain (some say he doesn't have a brain for it to register in).

One of our reporters caught up with Harry earlier:

Harry: Ooo...Harry confused. You not ghoul. You not normal. Hmm, what you?
Reporter: I'm here with the Hole, do you have any strategy for the fight tonight that you can share with us?
Harry: Oh ho-ho, you find out soooon.
Reporter: Some folk have suggested that you're actually immune to blows to the head, is this true?
Harry: Harry think he beat your head now.

A memorial service for our reporter will be held after the fight.



Voting has now closed: 86 Valid votes cast
Harry: 36 Votes
Keene: 50 Votes

The Victor of this battle will face Horrigan in the Semi-Final

Fights in this series

Last Week


Heavyweight Division, Heat 3

Battling again to a record hole crowd (100 votes including one from the comments), Lily gained the early advantage thanks to her stealthboy... Unfortuantely it was not enough as Fawkes quickly lit up the room in a hail of fire. Lily is survived by her Grandchildren, we think.

Your Action replay - brought to you by RobCo is here


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  • The Hole was originally adapted for Nukapedia by AaaaaTheNemesisx
  • Agent c is the current promoter and manager of the hole on behalf of Lord Ashur, as well as executor of the estate of all fallen combatants.  Any comments and queries can be left here.
  • Management accepts no responsibility for loss of life, limb or other damage to combatants and spectators.