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Fallout by Rahll
Fallout by Rahll
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And God said: Let them have beer!

Welcome Fallout lovers to the one and only Strategic Nuclear Moose! The Nukapedian cantina that doesn't discriminate, whether you be ghoul, super mutant, or our deities, the brahmin overlords! So huddle around, grab a slightly radioactive beer, and tell of your wasteland tales!

Aces' Theatre

Looking for some fun, then you've come to the right place. Ace's Theatre has been renovated, and is waiting for you, whether you're just looking for the finest in Wasteland Entertainment, or you're an entertainer yourself, the Aces' is where you need to be. Its just right through those doors over there.

Meet the patrons



Father Fate

Commander-in-chief Ruiz

Phase the Historian

The Nukapedian Road

We can't tell you how to get to Sesamie street, but we can direct you to the Nukapedian Road. [[User_blog%3AMysteryStranger/The_Nukapedian_Road|Just head back outside, and turn right]].

The Think Tank

Are you the yella-bellied boot licking egg-head type of fellow that has his fancy tickled by a good debate? Look no further!

  • Poll #1 - Which is your favorite Fallout pet? Winner: Roxie with 6 votes.
  • Poll #2 - Would you like to have a Karaoke night here? Yes:10|No:5
  • Poll #3 - If you were to be mutated, which would you prefer to be? Winner: Non-feral Ghoul with 40 votes.
  • Poll #4 - Which Fallout creature did you prefer to eat? Winner: Mirelurk with 42 votes.
  • Poll #5 - Which set of power armor did you prefer? Winner: Standard t-51b power armor with 71 votes.
  • Poll #6 - Should the BoS appear in the Fallout game? Yes:180|No:33

  • Poll #7 -
    If the Moose started doing video content, what would you like to see?

    The poll was created at 19:29 on May 13, 2012, and so far 97 people voted.
  • Poll #8 -
    When do you think we'll see Fallout 4 Released?

    The poll was created at 19:29 on May 13, 2012, and so far 130 people voted.

The SNM Gauntlet

Has your entire life revolved around showing everyone that you are #1? Then show us your skills and crush all those who oppose you!


NCR Debate

The Karaoke Corner

Pressures of the wasteland getting to you? Just lost your wife due to derelict medical machinery? (Too soon?) Hop on over to the the Karaoke corner then, grab a mic, put on a tune, and sing us the blues!

Spend the night

Lost track of the time and now there's cazadores prowling outside? Pull out your sleeping bag and enjoy the entertainment!

Watch some television
Loudspeaker stretched
Busted Pixel Relationship Fallout

Busted Pixel Relationship Fallout

Loudspeaker stretched
The Siege of Markarth (Skyrim Machinima)

The Siege of Markarth (Skyrim Machinima)

Hiring Hall

Can you help the Moose? We are currently hiring for the following positions:

  • We're always looking for acts for the new Aces' Theatre. Just write a one off act (could be a song, comedy routine, dramatic act, or other).
  • Patrons wanted. Ability to pay own bar tab a plus.
  • Contract for right kind of Mercenary: Help needed to create an animation for some upcoming Moose video content. We need help with some sound, and making some pretty pictures.

All Applicants, Apply in person on Agent C's talk page.

Packing it up

Thank you for visiting the Strategic Nuclear Moose and we will be looking forward to seeing you again! Make sure to leave us some feedback in the navbar below before you leave as there will be a new one with every edition!


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