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The Wiki News digest is closed for the festive downtime period, but we're bringing you a special edition now in the hope that if you can, you'll consider giving what you can to this appeal.

I'll quote direct from the Indiegogo:

Between the hours of 2pm and 3pm on Sunday, December 6th, our good friend Ben Rose was spending his day as Bethesda intended -- sitting quietly playing Fallout 4. His game was rudely interrupted by a Hyundai Sonata breaching his apartment wall and striking him in his computer chair. The car (which, at this point, appears to have been uninsured) had backed into a fence, then floored it through another apartment and into his... Despite having four points in toughness, Ben was injured by the impact; he sustained a fractured vertebra and a mostly-severed Achilles tendon. It's presumed that had he not been in his computer chair, which took the initial hit and allowed him to roll partially to safety, it could have been much worse. Though his recovery process will be lengthy and difficult, we are all extremely grateful and fortunate to still have Ben around.

Ben was a frieght driver, meaning that this injury is going to take him off work for a long time; Those familiar with the American healthcare system know that nothing comes for for free, Ambulances, Xrays, physiotherapy and surgery all add up, and what his insurance will cover is at a great cost to him. The driver appears to have been uninsured.

You can join the campaign here. I'm not linked to Ben in any way, to my knowledge none of us in the admin team are. If you've got a little left over, and I know being december budgets are strained already, please consider giving what you can... Even if its just a get well soon.

Agent c (talk)