V13 Snow City

War, War never changes,
With Conflict, profit has always followed,
World War two ended a depression,
Vanderbilt forced the US to buy old ships, unprofitable in the civil war and A rush for newspaper sales after the sinking of the USS maine brought the US to war
No, War, War never changes.

When war with the world seemed Inevitable, The US began a public project to house the masses in the event of the worst
But like all large civil projects, this was to be built by industry, not the government, so tenders were called
The home-grown Vault-Tec battled the European "Eurovault" consortium for the Safehouse contract
Despite a campaign of lies, dirty tricks and scandals, both sides finaly completed their demonstrations
The story of Vault-Tek's demonstration, in Los Angeles is well known.
But to the north, in Seattle, Eurovault built the gem in their crown

A true underground city, and built to standards Vault Tec could only dream, it seemed the obvious choice
However, the Eurovault consortium did not count on one thing...
That Vault Tec, and the government, were both owned by the same parent company. Commerce, Commerce never changes.

With the loss of the safehouse contract, Eurovault was forced into bankruptcy, their remains sold at auction
The Seattle vault falling into the hands of a local software magnate;
A private pleasure vault for the tycoon, and his aquatances, the Seattle Eurovault became a place that knew no want
an underground pleasure palace for the nations richest citizens
Whilst Seattle commoners were spurned by Vault Tec, by their refusal to construct vaults in the state

After the end came, the Tycoon, and others who had contributed retreated to their safehouse...
...not realising the ticking timebomb built into the vault's processing core The Tycoon's spending on pleasure items, rather than on vital systems came back to haunt the denizes,
When the technology stopped, with no light, and no means to exit to the surface world, the inhabitants became something else
Something that could only belong in the darkest parts of the human mind.

Now Seattlevault has been reworken, and what was contained within, is now without,
The nightmare vision brought by greed and decadance walks the earth....

And now, the monster in the dark, is real.