Because I am bored - meant as a joke and with good humour. Any objections and I'll cut you out.

Lets Visit Nuke-a-pee-de-a
Fallout's Encyclopedia
So just sit back and hit chat
Someone stole our welcome mat
We're Nuke-a-pee-de-a

Come join the Mods and Admins
And our captive Bureaucrats
Just for fun we run around the wasteland with a gun
They lock us up in Junktown, when a stealing we are caught
But we break loose...
And then vamoose...
A highwayman we've got!

We're Nuke-a-pee-de-a
Clyde is T, and ponies rule(?)
Although the trolls may vandal heaps
Our Jspoel he never sleeps
We're Nuke-a-Pee-de-a

Scar and Gothic Neko
Fight to win the Universe
Carman is so laggy
(Nicky wacked him where it hurts)
RamboRob is leaving
But soon he will be back
Leon's here
The anon's fear
the ban length for their curse

We're Nuke-a-pee-de-a
Wikia banned our founding man
We're are cynics to the max
but Vegas stopped us in tracks
We're Nuke-a-pee-de
Totally Unseemly
(don't get feely)