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From the Administrate Enclave

Vote results

Housekeeping vote results, all votes passed the quorum threshold.

IRC Removal
12 Yes, 1 no, 4 Neutrals (Passed)
Multiple account abuse
9 "All to be identified (unless approved by a bureaucrat)", 8 "defined as not abuse", 2 "not permitted". (Result to be advised)
Voting rationales review
10 remove the rule, 6 no change, 1 make it mandatory (Rationales not required "But would be appreciated)
Spotify playlists
12 Yes (Passed)
Edit required before voting
7 Yes, 7 No, 2 Neutral, 1 vote unclear. (An edit is required before voting)
Chat rule 1/2 clarification and reorg
12 Yes, 10 no (Passed)
Kick/ban guidelines
14 yes, 1 No, 1 Neutral (Passed)
No-Dolan removal
13 "Enforce it", "6 Remove it", 4 Neutral (Enforcement confirmed)

Another Record set…

FNV Eureka!
I'd upload 5 thousand files, and I'd upload 5000 more, just to be the man, who matched Jspoel, uploading files and then one more….

On the wiki update

Has it been a while since you played the game and wondering how those fancy quotes from the major characters in Fallout: New Vegas sounded again? No need to look them up in the game, you can hear the notable quotes right here on our wiki! From The King to Ulysses, to major factions leaders Mr. House, President Kimball and Caesar. You can also check out quotes from minor factions leaders like Jason Bright and Daniel. Find them all in our FNV navbox!

This weeks discussion

Thanks to Denis517 for this weeks rules discussion

For a long while, we've had a rule that prohibits users from using "gay" in a derogatory way. Ever since this rule has been made, there have been new users who have done it without knowing that this is not allowed. I believe that going into the chat is an agreement to follow the rules, ignorant or not; but is this rule going too far, or is it not going far enough? Lately I have seen user using "Autistic" in the same fashion as we have banned "gay". Lately I have even seen moderators saying that they only enforce this rule because it is a rule. I have made three proposals for This forum that I think everyone will find one to agree on.

What do you think? Tell us here.

The other major discussion going on is how to denote characters who start the game dead find more here.

Generation Next


One of Microsoft's best E3 press conferences to date.— Jesse Divinich, EEDAR

Test your Xbox knowledge with Wikia's Flash quiz

Griefers Beware? and other online gaming news

Microsoft's (and presumably I dream of Jeannie's) Major Nelson has been talking about the new Reputation and matching system for Xbox One.

First, on wait times
You will be able to launch a popular shooter or sports title and see the “typical wait time” for different online game modes. For example, imagine a match area for a quick match] that might have a wait time of 1 minute, and then another match area in the title for “match by downloadable content (DLC)” with typical wait time of 7 minutes. Chances are you’d never wait in a game for 7 minutes to play online, you’d just make do with “quick match” and lowest common denominator DLC. With Xbox One titles, you can instead pick the longer “match by DLC” option if you please, see it might take 7 minutes to find a match that night, and switch to another task while Smart Match in the cloud is searching for you. You end up with a much more enjoyable match result since you get to play with people with similar DLC versus just the lowest common denominator levels in the base title. You get to make the most use the latest map or car you just bought to keep the game play fresh and interesting, versus just going into quick match with the same options every night.
Now, to our main story on Griefers, cheats, and reputation
Sometimes it’s hard for strangers to know what “polite” means with different social norms and backgrounds, and even harder when you aren’t in the same room face to face with someone. You have few social cues to rely on, and typically a stranger sees no real reason to listen to your complaint about their behavior. We all care a lot about behavior on Xbox Live and player feedback options in Xbox One allows you to help educate those who don’t seem to follow good social gaming norms. We simplified the feedback mechanism also to be less of a “survey” and more direct feedback options, even linking things in like block or mute player actions into the feedback model.
All of the feedback from player’s online flow into the reputation service to evaluate a players online social reputation. The more hours you play online without causing others to have a horrible time the better your reputation will be, similar to the more hours your drive without an accident the better your driving record and insurance rates will be. Most players will have good reputations and be seen as “green” good players you’d enjoy playing with. Even those good players might receive a few player feedback reports each month and that is OK. Xbox Live is looking to identify players that are repeatedly disruptive on Xbox Live. We’ll identify those players with a lower reputation score and in the worse cases they will earn the “avoid me” reputation. Looking at someone’s gamer card you’ll be able to quickly see their reputation.

Xbox 1 end of life

From a reddit Q+A with the aforementioned Major Nelson observed by kotaku

After the Xbox One servers are shut down at the end of the new generation, will Xbox One games still be playable?
I'll just say this: We haven't even started this generation, so it's kind of early to talk about the end of the generation. That's certainly something we would not do. That's not the way the system is designed. It's designed for flexibility. But let's get the system out there first.


Is it DRM and check in free? Really? Yes, but there is a catch...

The Online Pass program for PlayStation first-party games will not continue on PlayStation 4. Similar to PS3, we will not dictate the online used game strategy (the ability to play used games online) of its publishing partners. As announced last night, PS4 will not have any gating restrictions for used disc-based games. When a gamer buys a PS4 disc they have right to use that copy of the game, so they can trade-in the game at retail, sell it to another person, lend it to a friend, or keep it forever.— Dan Race, Sony

So it's possible another EA-Online pass system could appear on PS4; that said EA's online pass system is dead in the water, so will another publisher be stupid enough to retry it?

This is….

The poll was created at 02:52 on June 16, 2013, and so far 110 people voted.

From Bethesda at E3

The Elder Scrolls Online - E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online - E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer

The Elder Scrolls online is coming for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


Gbye Fonline:2238

for long running "Fallout Online" mod Fonline:2238 it looks like some big changes are afoot, which includes the end of the game as we know it.

On Sunday, June 23rd 2013, the FOnline: 2238 server will be shut down. The details are trivial and pointless, the reasons, as always, purely human ones. The interest in the current state of the game is steadily declining, while, at the same time, expectations about further development of the project can't be matched. With a decimated player base and, in turn, low number of donations we can't afford us any further server lease.
For you, the players, this means that there are over two weeks to play and discuss FOnline: 2238 on the current forum. This moment occurs important to many of us and we would like to use this opportunity to invite all the people who have been sharing so many memories from the last four years to login on June 23rd (evening time CET) for a big shutdown party. We definitely would love to have as many people as possible during these very moments and, of course, during the last days of 2238.
We would like to thank the players who supported us with their suggestions, bug reports, patches and content. Special thanks to all wiki editors, moderators and game masters. Last but not least, we would like to thank all our donors, who helped us to keep the 2238 server running for so long! Without you, the last 4 years wouldn't have been the same.
However, this is not the end, merely a new beginning for us - and we hope for some of you as well.

Dateline: Smallville, Tamriel

Way, Way, the Superman comes?


Relic of the war that… Was?

Because War, War never changes, here's some pics of a real relic from World War 2. This is the Cabinet War Rooms, from which Winston Churchill conducted the war.

As the facility was a converted basement, it was only bomb-resistant, rather than bomb-proof (a direct hit would have been likely to destroy the facility), with secrecy being its major protection.

  • Churchill's bunker - Cabinet Room
  • This Broom closet became home to the worlds first "Hot Line"
  • Mrs Churchill's bedroom - they had separate quarters and beds.
  • Churchill's dining room
  • Conference room
  • BBC Studio in the Bunker
  • The Map Room
  • Pacific Theatre
  • Churchill's bedroom and office,
Western Front

Western Front

Eastern Front

Eastern Front

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