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From the administrative enclave

The cancelled games portal is getting close to completion. We've just got a bit of filling out to do, but this could be your last chance to have a say on the direction its going to take, and the possibility of using it as a model for other renovations.

We're debating joining a wikia alliance, you can join in the vote here.

No, there is no Fallout 4 news

And now, a word from Erik Dellums

Dear Fans of Fallout:

Some have wondered if I've been playing a game regarding my initial post on a possible new game then I was asked to keep my mouth shut so Bethesda could do their secret work without being inundated with questions and rumors...

I have only posted that I have my fingers crossed like all other fans of the game that another is on the way

Please know that I would never kid or bullshit fans of the game. Never. I posted the truth... Nothing I have tweeted is bullshit or a manipulation. I'm trying not to piss of Bethesda. I want to work with them and not jeopardise my relationship with them. I do hope Three Dog returns and that my first tweet didn't kill things for me

I'm just a fan who lucked out and became a part of the game. That's all.

Sorry to disappoint those who thought I was confirming a new Fallout, I cannot. I was responding to someone who thought I was a liar.

(from Erik Dellum's twitter).

I presume this resolves any claim that Erik confirmed any Fallout game/TV show/Holographic Novel in the near future.

Kotaku about Mormons and New Vegas

Try to forgive their links to a certain other wiki, but this piece on Kotaku puts the critical eye on Mormons and their treatment in New Vegas.

News From… Numenera?

News from InXile, home to Brian Fargo and Wasteland 2. With the design team sitting around waiting for the coders to finish up on Wasteland 2, they've opened a kickstarter to create a spiritual sequel to Chris Avellone's other magna opus - Planescape: Torment.

Oh, and they raised a million bucks in a record 8 hours, and passed the first stretch goal before they could decide what it should be. Nice work if you can get it.

If you've not bought Wasteland 2 yet (and why not), this might be a good chance, you can get both games on release for $45.

Oh Josh-u-ah

The obligatory repost from Josh Sawyer's Formspring

I will be Honest Fallout 3 Was my first fallout game, and then later on i decided to play the originals and i always wondered why is the game SOOOO Hard? I mean i get old school games i like them as the second person but Fallout 1 was hard how come?
I didn't work on the original Fallout or Fallout 2, but I enjoyed both of them a lot as a player. I think the original Fallout is just representative of the challenge level that RPGs were made at during that era. I grew up playing the original Bard's Tale, Ultima, Wizardry, and Phantasie games as well as the SSI "gold box" series, so that was the type of difficulty I was accustomed to (and still enjoy).
What is your favorite Pink Floyd album?
I think it's either The Wall or The Final Cut.
Josh's taste is

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