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From the Administrative Enclave

You may have noticed that there's a new Navbar on the screen, and the Margin sizes have changed. For most of you, you need not adjust your set, its just a part of a recent design tweak that Wikia have done.

However, if you've changed your talk or profile page to use a custom background, you will need to adjust this to fit in with the new page size.

Because we like voting

Eternity Update

Again, not going into much detail, but here's a round up of the weeks Eternity news. With 10 days to go, over 53 Thousand people have donated over 2.3 Million US Dollars, over twice the original budget.

Keeping up the Media Offensive, here's the Interviews for the week:

A reminder about our 15 years specials

It was quite appropriate that I would have been in the desert for Wasteland Weekend on the 15th anniversary of Fallout.— Brian Fargo, ‏@BrianFargo


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Sadly have to put the Relic on hold this week. Due to some study of mine i wasn't able to put in as much research as I liked. However, join us next week to learn about the Queen of the Korean Airwaves - Seoul City Sue.

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