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From the administrative Enclave

Voting is your duty

With a single no vote, a single neutral, and a ton of Yesses Richie9999 has achieved full mod status.

Talking shops

Kingclyde asks Should users blocked or banned be able to participate in polls?

While Paddywoo98 asks if we need some more FEV Categories


Some projects for you to get some work on.

Jspoel, the human bot, needs your help correcting links that go to disambiguation pages You can help out here.

Whereas JASPER42 needs your help getting some audio version of our notable quotes Join in here

Just an update on the Navigation Beautification project, Jspoel has updated the index on Portal:Fallout 3, and the sliders are almost done for Fallout: New Vegas.

Also, we need all active project leaders to update us on their project status at Forum:Cleaning up the projects page.

Two Guys, Agent c, and a Fallout Dev

I was privileged these past few weeks to talk to Jeorge Albor, Miguel Lopez (both of Wikia) and Mr Chris Avellone of Obsidian Entertainment as a part of their Expert Showcase series. The first of 4 topics is on Post Apocolyptic Storytelling.

Click here to join us.

For those of you interested in Chris' process, the design document I was thinking of that serves as a how to guide (including parts of New Reno) can be found here.

Hiring Hall


Erik Delums - Golden Boy

Have you been following CBS's new cop show Golden Boy? Tune in May 14th and you might notice a familiar voice….

ESO invites you to Coldharbour

Generation Next

Xbox Durango Infinity Fusion?

Fusible are reporting that the next Xbox is likely to be called "Fusion". Unlike other rumours that suggesting that the name of the new console will be "infinite", Microsoft already own the domain name. They also own and

Xbox lights up the room

This may be a little bit too far in development for this year's Xbox release... but it does look interesting

Where's my Holodeck?

The Wii U is still a thing

Yeah, for those of you who missed it, the Wii U is still a thing. Although the price is in Freefall, and top franchise entries like Madden 13 won't be coming to the console, Ninendo are promising a big push… Make of it what you will.


Fallout Apprentice

Returns this week, with a vote to eliminate someone from the game, guaranteed. We'll also be showing off the prize vault, and giving you your first look at Challenge 3.


Will return next week, I promise.

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