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The Chris Avellone School of Game Development

From Shacknews

At a writer's workshop at GDC, Avellone said he was a game master long before he got into writing for video games, and even had a module for Dungeons & Dragons published by TSR (which was later purchased by Wizards of the Coast). He explained that being a game master in a pen & paper setting with people sitting around a table "allows you to get immediate feedback as to whether you are actually entertaining them or not." He added that direct feedback like that is invaluable for determining how engaging the world and characters are that they have created.
He also said that pen & paper RPGs helped them quite a bit back in his days at Interplay when they were developing Van Buren, the codename for Fallout 3 that was later cancelled in 2003. "We actually used pen and paper games to test out systems," he said. "We actually built a pen and paper version and brought the developers to the area and built adventures to test out mechanics. That turned out to be a really good experience."

TES:O awards TES:O best of show at PAX east.

Elder Scrolls Online finally unleashed a playable build for the fans on the show floor. The wait time kicked into about three and a half hours just minutes after the doors opened. The team did an amazing job of talking to fans and keeping everyone in line happy. It was clear after players walked out of the booth that ESO has something special coming when they launch. Overall the gameplay won our team over for Elder Scrolls Online. The fact that it was such a strong combination of Skyrim-styled combat mixed with MMO staples really captured our attention. It was clear from the players and our team’s reaction that Elder Scrolls Online was Best of Show at PAX East. We cannot wait to see what they show at E3.

Brian Fargo talks to

You can read more of this interview here

As for the father of Fallout, which Fallout is your favourite and which one is the most important?
I would have to say the first Fallout is the most important one as it said the look and style for the entire series. It was a brilliant mix of violence mixed with the innocent and hopeful vibe of the 50’s. One of the most challenging things to do in a game is to set a style that is unique and the team really dreamed up that concept. I give them the full credit for that.
And what about the cancelled Meantime which was planned to be another game set in the Wasteland universe. Chris Avellone said the end story of Meantime sounds like "Video Killed the Radio Star". Looking back, do you think Meantime could have been finished?
Meantime was a very ambitious game from a design perspective as it tried to tell a story that involved time travel. Reactivity is key in RPGs so you can imagine all of the issues one has to try to account for if the player is travelling through time. I do believe that the game could have been completed had I known what I know today. We spent too much time trying to get the writers to think too logically for every state up front and needed to cater the design cycle differently for each.
Wasteland 2 seems to be a much lighter game for its creators than every next Fallout because it doesn't have to carry that historical burden made by it's numerous ancestors. Is it better to have designers strictly tied to the world's canon or maybe they like to have more freedom and detailed universe is an unnecessary limitation?
Well each approach has its merits and our job is to surprise the player regardless of their knowledge or expectations. With Wasteland we are working with a canon but it lighter in detail that Fallout but that is mostly due to the era in which it was made. We didn’t take the world sense as serious as we do today. I find that all users of entertainment are more discerning as times goes on and we have to rise to meet those expectations.

He talks more about wasteland and his other projects so its certainly worth a look


Relic of the War that Wasn't

I was planning to follow up last weeks story of an alleged defection in Australia with an actual real, confirmed defection, but alas the real world has overtaken us with reminders that the war that wasn't (but still kind was in parts) still isn't over.

Many of you would have seen the news this week that North Korea has indicated that it feels its in a state of war with the USA and the group they call the "south Korean group of traitors" (note the small S). Given that the US makes up about half of the worlds defence spending, some of you are probably wondering what the big deal is about a small, impoverished nation doing a bit of sabre rattling.

Just some facts and figures for you to consider.

Seoul, the capital of South Korea (note i use a capital S) is just 35 miles, or 56 Kilometers away from the De-Militarised zone. The Zone is about 4 kilometres or 2 and a half miles wide - so North Korea is 60km or 37 miles away…

Basically, for a capital city, Seoul is much much closer to the border with a hostile nation than you want it to be.

Wikipedia quotes the Institute of Strategic Studies in claiming that North Korea has about 1.1 active military personel, with 8.2 million reserves… All in this one tiny little area.

The US military the ISS put at 1.4 Million active, with 850,000 reserves… But bear in mind thats spread all around the world, not just sitting in the Korean peninsula. South Korea has another 687 thousand active Personel, and a million reserves.

This ain't some small group of impoverished bandits… This is more than 9 million service people with a target a stones throw away.

Even if the entire US military was there, they're still outnumbered more than 2:1. Obviously this doesn't account for the technological advantage that the US and South Korea would have.

Basically, what I'm trying to get at here, is that if war were to really break out (and given North Korea's history of Brinkmanship, I don't think this is what they're going for), even with poor supplies and antiquated tech… This is still going to result in what Doc Emmet used to call "some serious shit".

As "Relics of the war that wasn't" go, they don't come much bigger than the North Korean Military…

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More spy drama down under… Unless something else happens in the news.


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