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Web Browsers

Some interesting statistics, and a warning for some users from Wikia's Kirkburn in this blogpost on Web Browsers

How are people viewing Wikia these days?
The most common browser by far is Chrome, used by 40% of our visitors. Firefox and Safari share second place with 20% each, while Internet Explorer is now down to fourth place, nearing only 10% of visits.
Just over two thirds of visitors are on desktop Windows, mostly on Windows 7. However, you may be surprised to learn there are even a couple of visitors each week still using Windows 3.1 and Windows 95!
About 20% of visits to Wikia are with mobile devices like phones and tablets, rather than desktops or laptops - and this number is steadily growing. With this in mind, we have created a special mobile team at Wikia, which you will hear more from in the coming months.
Internet Explorer 8 support
We plan to drop full support for IE8 in the near future. Released almost four years ago, it has now fallen far behind other browsers in many aspects.
If you're using IE8 on Windows XP, we strongly recommend switching to another browser like Chrome or Firefox - links can be found on Help:Supported browsers. If you are still using it on Windows Vista, we strongly recommend you update to IE9 (or, again, switch to another browser).

Speaking for myself here, I tend to find the Wiki, and Chatroom work best in Firefox, at least on my Mac. Safari does a good job, but never beeps a Chathacks ping, and if I just type the word Fallout into Chrome it forces me out of chat (as it tries to guess which page I'm going to, and preloads it).

I also find Wikia's browser stats interesting... Ars Technica still has IE as the worlds most used browser, but its a long way back in 4th here. We must have a pretty tech-savvy bunch.

I use...

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Some of you may have noticed as we go to press a lot of issues on the wiki with editing, or certain functions not working right (like the forums). Wikia are aware and are working on it. Hope to have it fixed soon.


Forums have now been restored.

Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax Online have revealed how their Beta testing will work. If you haven't already, you can sign up here.

When does testing start?
We held our first small friends-and-family test on February 28th. Invitations to the general public for the first round of beta events will be sent around the end of March. We’ll post notifications on our website and social media channels whenever we send a batch of invitations. When we do, check the e-mail address you used to register for the beta. If you’ve been selected, you’ll receive an invitation with instructions.
What is a beta event?
In the beginning of the beta program, invitations will be for scheduled play sessions. This means that the game will only be available for play during specific times (provided in the invitation). Every beta event will have a clear focus; our developers will be looking for feedback on specific areas, features, or other gameplay elements.
How long are beta events and when are they held?
At first, beta events will generally be held on the weekends, and each test will have limited windows of access to the game. You’ll receive your invitation in advance so you can make time to participate. While there will only be a few events per month early on, they will be held more frequently as we approach launch. As we progress through testing, we’ll also begin scheduling longer tests that allow testers to provide more detailed feedback on topics like progression.
How many testers will be invited?
We’re starting with smaller groups of focused testers during March and April. However, as we approach launch, beta events will get bigger. Our AvA tests will likely require thousands of participants, and stress tests will be even larger!
How do you choose testers?
We’ll select testers based on different criteria for each beta event depending on our needs for that test. For instance, we may invite players who indicated a preference for a certain type of content (PvE, PvP, crafting) or who reside in a certain territory for particular events, and for others, computer specs may play an important role. We’re not only looking for one type of tester or only for testers with top-of-the-line PCs; a broad range will be selected.
What happens if I’m selected?
If you’re invited to test, you’ll receive an e-mail at the address you registered with for the beta. The invitation will include a download link for the game client. You should expect a download size of around 20GB, so it’s best to start downloading as soon as you receive your invitation.
Can I be invited to multiple beta events?
Yes, it’s possible to be selected for multiple beta events. However, an invitation to one beta event does not guarantee that you’ll be invited to additional events. When you receive an invitation, it will be for a specific beta event.
What kind of feedback will I be asked for?
Your invitation will contain information about the focus of the test you’ve been invited to, so make sure to read it! You’ll be asked to complete surveys and submit feedback and bugs in-game as you play, and you may be asked to participate in additional surveys once the in-game portion of the test has concluded. The beta forums will also be available for feedback and discussion.

Project Spotlight

Over to you Skire...

Hi everyone. Some of you might've heard of the Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas notable loot project. Well, thanks to the collective effort of our several participants, the project has made great progress and is almost finished! It is those last few steps of the hike that we need to complete. Currently, we are in need of peer reviews on many locations. Any help would be greatly appreciated in wrapping up this project that has tidied notable loot sections of articles greatly!



Its over to Penn, and his trusty partner Teller to show off "Ark 2"

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