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In this week's edition:

Administrative Enclave changes

Another busy week for the administration team in appointments and promotions department. We've got new members, promotions and nominations to share.

New Appointments

We have two new Chat Moderators - Nemesisx has received your support (and already banned his first troll) and I (Agent_C) am eagerly awaiting my new gold star. Chat trolls beware!

Guardian of the Wastes has also received one of the treasured keys to the Administrator's lounge after receiving your support.


After recently being appointed to the Wiki Highway Patrol, LimmieGirl is now seeking your support to upgrade to full moderator status. Have your say here until 9 Feb.

Yes Man is seeking to swap his Moderator sash for the full Administrator outfit. You can have your say here until Feb 5.

Around the Forums

A few of us were talking in chat, and thought it might be a good idea to look at doing some sort of wiki editing seminar or training session. We're not entirely sure how it might work with timezones and stuff, but if you're interested in either improving your wiki skills (including formatting, templates and the like) or think you have something to teach here's the place to go.

Speaking of which, why not join us in Chat? We're a friendly bunch after all.


Relics of the War that Wasn't

Putting people permanently not the moon isn't a plan unique to this years current crop of US presidential hopefuls. In 1959 the US department of Defence started putting serious thought into putting a missile base on the moon.

Project Horizon, developed by the Army Ballistic Missile agency (itself headed by infamous rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun) would have created a garrison of 12 soldiers in either the Sinus Aestuum or Mare Imbrium regions of the moon.

The lunar outpost is required to develop and protect potential United States interests on the moon; to develop techniques in moon-based surveillance of the earth and space, in communications relay, and in operations on the surface of the moon; to serve as a base for exploration of the moon, for further exploration into space and for military operations on the moon if required; and to support scientific investigations on the moon.— Project Proposal

Had the plan gone ahead, 147 Saturn-A Rockets would have delivered components into orbit for assembly at an orbital space station and and later delivery to the moon.

The base itself would be powered by 2 Nuclear reactors and defended by Davy Crocket mini-nukes, weighing 23Kg but producing a 10-20 ton of TNT equivalent blast - one for all the Fat Man fans out there.

Although the plans never made it past the feasibility study phase, the plans themselves are declassified, you so can read the plans themselves on the US Army's own website:

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Your Next Nukapedia News Digest

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