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Although the Twitter and the Tumblr have been proven a hoax, there’s still a big mystery over site. We’re still following that story Here with the mysterious codes added to the site suggesting something may be happening tomorrow. Please join us for all the coverage.

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Its almost Fallout 4 News

Attention Nukapedia Shopers
;Okay, a lot to get through this week, first up, from the North American Bethesda Store, Its time for some Heavy Metal!
…And for those of you wondering about the EuroBethStore, those previous T’s marked as Preorders now seem to be in general stock… but they’ve been joined with a new Preorder Item due in “January”. €59.99 will buy you one of these

…And Lastly, the team at Wasteland have a nice range of gear too, but these one struck me as the one Fallout fans might like best, it starts at $21.99 (US)

Speaking of Wasteland….
New Screenshot this week:
And in case you’re wondering what the world map looks like… This is from a picture Chris Keenan put up… This is Arizona.
And in other wastelands……
Madmax4 movie3
The new Mad Max Movie, to be based between Mad max 1 and 2, has a release date of March 25 2015 in the states. Tom Hardy will be playing the eponymous “Max”, with George Miller taking the directors chair.


The Storyteller FALLOUT Prologue - Great War12:30

The Storyteller FALLOUT Prologue - Great War