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From the Administrative Enclave

User Rights Changes

Eddo36 has been bumped to Patroller

Dotz, a long inactive admin has returned! We welcome you back to the family.

The Gunny has now joined the Elite ranks of the Burecratic corps. Congratulations

Chat Rules review

The Chat review vote has closed with some changes to the Chat Rules.

  • Rule 9 has been rewritten to allow Relgion and Politics discussions to be closed at a moderators' discretion (rather than if unanimous consent being required to continue any discussion).
  • It is not permissable to arrange to troll another site through our chatroom.

The rule changes are already effective. For old chatters, its a good idea to reread the rules before participating in chat again. For anyone new, make sure you read them anyway...

Social Media

Some of you have noticed that the Social Media links on the wiki link to the old Vault's links. Well we're fixing that. is the email address we'll be using whenever we need an email address for something. If you're doing something in this regard, please ask me for the login details.

@Nukapedia will be the official twitter feed. At the moment I'll be tweeting when we have updates on the news feed, or anything else of interest. Please follow!

We've also opened a You Tube Video channel, where we're NukapediaWiki (Just Nukapedia is taken). Help give us ideas to fill it.

We're trying to get someone to sort out the Facebook stuff, and there's more to come.

April 2014 is an Eternity away....

Just a quick update on Project Eternity. $1,854,973 with 24 days to go, Mac development has been confirmed, with Linux still possible (keep donating Penguin fans). Like Wasteland 2 Eternity will be using the Unity engine... Fans of Fallout will of course remember what the unity is, and can only therefore assume the use of FEV is integral to the development of the game.

As Eternity isn't a Fallout, or post apocalyptic game, I'm not planning on covering it in detail in the news.

Mr Sawyer Says...

What do you think about all these questions and demands? Do you ever think, "I made a huge mistake."?
It is very difficult to keep up with them all. I feel like I make mistakes all the time. Hopefully I am making fewer mistakes as time goes by.
What do you think about mentality of ignoring every aspect of something but focusing on just this one that may or may not have any negative meaning?
Well, it's their money. Some people have issues that are extremely important to them. If we're going in a direction that a backer finds unacceptable, I can't fault them for acting on it.
Did NCRCF have concrete towers during development at one point? I ask because I noticed from a distance, roughly by the PG camp by Hidden Valley the towers are a concrete skin, yet up close, they're makeshift steel.
I don't *think* so, but I could be wrong. One thing that could be giving that impression is that I believe that level-of-detail (LoD) models in that engine don't support a specular map (makes things shiny).
Do you think you, or Mr. Avellone, will make a Fallout Bible for Fallout: 3 and Fallout: New Vegas?
I can't speak for Chris, but I won't. Sorry.
You seem to like Germany. Have you ever been to Oktoberfest in Munich?
I was in Munich in August of last year, but that was too early for Oktoberfest. Before I went to Munich, I was in Kempten, southwest of Munich. I stayed there because I wanted to see the village where my grandmother was born (Untrasried). By coincidence, Kempten was having their Allgäuer Festwoche at the same time. I was surprised at how similar it looked to the Gemütlichkeit Days festival that happens near my hometown. I always figured that Gemütlichkeit Days was anachronistic. I'm glad I saw a Fest in a small town; I suspect that seeing Oktoberfest in Munich would be very tourist-oriented.

What was your first time like?

Game Informer talks about their first time meeting a Supermutant.

After trying a few quests, hanging around Megaton, and getting my ass kicked in the Super-Duper Mart, my curiosity got the better of me and I headed to the big, bad city. I went into the hospital first because I was lost in the city and sick of slumming around the underground. But what started as respite quickly became quite the test.
I was fairly low level at the time without a significant stock of weapons, ammo, or supplies, but I used the hallways and rooms of the hospital to my advantage. In particular, I remember one sequence where I took out a handful of Super Mutants by picking them off one-by-one as we played cat-and-mouse through a series of rooms.
I can vividly remember the terror of seeing a hulking mutant walk through a doorway. As I lined up a shot, I started to panic. What if I miss? A head shot is fun, but shouldn't I take the best-percentage shot? Even though the mutant was frozen in place by the VATS combat system, I couldn't but help envision the hell that would be unleashed by the beast even after I got my shot off. Even though the VATS stops time and ostensibly makes combat easier, I credit it for still not draining any of the tension and brutality out of battles.
I managed to survive this sequence thanks to finding a few first aid kits at appropriate moments, and previously I came across a few copies of the D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine, which gave me permanent boosts to my Medicine skill. When I entered the hospital, I was a 99-pound weakling, but by the time I walked out I was a hardened, ass-kicking machine.
I would experience a similar character catharsis when taking on the mutants in their trenches in the Mall, but by that time
So, what was your first time with a supermutant like? Tell us in the comments...
Once you go green...

Wabbajack, or the Luck Bobblehead?

In a series that looks not to different to a regular feature of this wiki, gameological asks which is the ultimate treasure, and in their contest TES's Wabbajack takes in the Luck Bobblehead. The Wabbajack has the lead, but you can fix that.


Project JunkFM

Thanks for everyone who has expressed their support for the idea to create a Radio station. I've created a blog here Discussing the challenges we're going to face, as well as the costs. Please have a read through, and if you can help us - even if its just in content - please say so on the wiki.

No Relic this week... But something else

Just in some ways a teaser for next week's relic.... Vaults by the numbers. Here's a rough sum of how much a vault would cost in today's money, and just how viable (or not) they are. It takes into account inflation as best it can.

Vault 13's Budget $645,000,000,000 (2070 money)
2070 Cost of a family car - $199,999 (2070 money)
V13 cost in family cars - 3225016.13 Cars (Cut at 2 Decimal Places)
Cost of a family car US 2012 - About $20k (Based on Volkswagen Passat price quoted on Kelly Blue book - selected as Kelly Blue book named this as their best family car of 2012).
Inflation Difference - 2012 to 2070 - about x10.
Total cost of a Vault in 2012 figures: 64,500,322,501 (and Change) (so 64 Billion)
Department of Defence annual budget (est) 2012: US$553.0 billion (est. 2012)

So if you close the Department of Defence and fire the entire Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, you can fund 8.6 vaults per year. After 15 years, you'd have paid for all 122 vaults built to the same scale as Vault 13 - just enough to save 122,000 people.

Given the US population is around 311 million, I think we can all see just how silly the costs of vaults can be.

Should we build vaults... Just in case?

The poll was created at 01:19 on September 23, 2012, and so far 146 people voted.

Next week: From the UK Goverment's archives - The real cost of building a wide scale shelter program.

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