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*Garoux Bloodline has brought up the rather hot topic of reviews for special rights holders
  • Not quite a forum, but FFIX has become a patroller, as well as OfficialLolGuy. Stop by and congratulate them.
  • Oh, and look out on Christmas day for a special forum. Can’t say more for now.

News from the wastes

Wasteland 2 beta lifestream
From 1700 US eastern (or 2200 GMT) on the 22nd of December we’ll be streaming Wasteland 2. You can watch it, well, right here. Please also join us in chat as we play through and I’ll answer your questions on air.
If you can’t wait for them, the Wasteland Tumblr has a collection of reviews and other lets plays for you to peruse.


Look out in the next digest for the long awaited return of the Relic of the war that wasn’t (maybe). In the meantime, We’re sad to report the passing of Harold Camping.

You might remember these posters from a couple of years back… but if you don’t as the poster suggested Harold Camping proclaimed that the Bible guaranteed that armageddon would happen on a certain date. After a revisal in both date, and the form of Armageddon, Camping ended a bit heartbroken and confused as to why his prophetcy didn’t come to pass.

But, assuming the world doesn’t end this week, we’ll be back next week with more. Remember to look out on Christmas day for a special edition of The Hole.