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Welcome to the Nukapedia news digest. Apprently if I don't write something witty here, the front page of the wiki looks weird. Now you know why I do it, even though you never read this part.

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Launch Statistics

Fallout 4 Has generated:

  • 12 Million Units shipped to meet day 1 demand
  • Thats $US 750 Million in sales
  • 470 Thousand concurrent players on steam
  • Number 1 App on iTunes for the Companion app
“A huge thanks to our fans that’ve made this all possible, After four years of development, it's not complete until our fans get to play it and make it their own. We can't wait to hear about their adventures.”— Todd Howard

In less suitable for work news, the Daily Mail (UK) claims that Pornhub saw a 10% traffic drop on Fallout 4 launch day. Now we know how you were all spending your time waiting....

Summary of Fallout 4 reviews

The biggest complaints are the glitches and how it's more of the same and the biggest strenghts are the big open world, style and story.

“Fallout 4 contains what should go down as the best open world in the history of this medium considering the sheer wealth of meaningful content packed into it.”-Hardcore Gamer which gave a 100%
“The fact that your decisions stick with you after walking away from the game is a testament to the great storytelling on hand. Fallout 4 is an argument for substance over style, and an excellent addition to the revered open-world series.”-Gamespot which gave a 90/10
“A brilliant, massive sandbox of systems, albeit largely the same one Bethesda has been making for years.”-PC Gamer which gave a 88/10
“In a year when games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have redefined what open-world RPGs are capable of, I suspect that a lot of Fallout fans will be forced to question whether the usual Bethesda shtick of providing vast amounts of unpolished content with no emotional investment is still enough.I had a pretty good time, but despite its many strong points, Fallout 4 feels like one of Bethesda's minor works.”-Game Critics which gave FO4 a 7/10

Ready to get editing? - Guest Contributor

This is only a reminder to everyone that wants to edit to know *how-to* edit; to keep some professionalism and making sure the reader is not confused by how the content is looking. Anyhow:

  • No usage of "you" or "player", only "player character" or "Sole Survivor". You aren't in the game, but your player character, Sole Survivor, is.
  • Try to word in objective manner. Subjectivism has no place here, especially in the form of strategies. There are a lot of ways to complete certain quests or kill creatures.
  • Before creating an article, look up if there is another one, to avoid having duplicate pages.
  • When reporting a bug, make sure to place {{platform|}} and codes (xbox, PC or PS4 after | character), but mind general bugs, like clipping issues, aren't worthy to be placed, unless it is *extremely* important.
  • Know that unique, expensive, quite rare or in large numbers items under ==Notable loot== section are to be reported; something as common as 10mm pistol or stimpak aren't notable.
  • Mind linking to other articles. Some articles contain (Fallout 4) tags, since there are other articles of the same name from other games. Write [[a|b]], "a" being the name of the article and "b" being the name of the object in the game itself.
  • Think of capitalization; some words are *meant* to be de-capped. Personal nouns are capitalized, most other things aren't.
  • Don't copy images or text from other sites. Just let the article be incomplete (if you can't expand it yourself), for there will be someone else to add the information.
  • If don't know how to fill in a section with information, look for other articles for examples, rather than trying something out yourself.
  • For other questions, you can contact these guys and gals.

As for the game itself, I can't play it due to many reasons. But the best advice I can give you is to cherish the good moments, remember the game in what you can feel the developers put much work and effort in order to present you with such experience.

That is all folks, from the Vault-Tec Nukapedia's administrator.

-Energy X

Bethesda Blacklists Journalists

A story that we're not able to just let past us is this piece in Kotaku. They allege they've been "blacklisted" by Bethesda (and Ubisoft).

Although this hasn't been officially stated to them (Sony tried that back in 2007... and soon found that became the news story), they have had "radio silence" from Bethesda HQ since last December... about the same time as the leak with the script that ended up being strangely accurate.

This is to the extent that they're not receiving review copies or call backs from the Bethesda PR team.

I can't help but draw parallels between a certain Fallout 4 Character and this particular attitude to the free press...

Whats it really like to be a Vault Dweller?

Ars Technica correspondent Rupert Goodwins Went through an as-life experience at UK "Secret" nuclear bunker Kelvedon Hatch (just outside London)

Here's a few quotes, but I strongly encourage you all to read the article and look at the pretty pictures

On Food and Water

If you don’t have safe sources of food or water, you can drink your own urine (or, indeed, someone else’s) up to three times before it becomes toxic. Muscle meat from apparently healthy animals may be safe, but not other parts. Anything exposed, gritty, or dirty is very unsafe. Tinned food, if you can find it, is your best bet, and you can use living plants to filter water simply by putting their roots in it—rhizofiltration. Species like sunflowers are amazingly efficient at absorbing contaminants from the environment, but it can take weeks.

On Radiation

However, the good news—for certain values of good—is that the sort of fallout radiation provided by standard thermonuclear weapons has a reasonably short half-life. It decays by a factor of ten for each factor of seven increase in time—in other words, after seven hours, the radiation has decreased tenfold. After two weeks, it’s down to one thousandth. 14 weeks, one ten thousandth.

For you Brotherhood fans...

Most gadgets will be useless after a nuclear attack. Despite its reputation as "being designed to withstand a nuclear attack," the Internet will have gone away, as will mains electricity and the cellular networks. To prepare for the apocalypse, you can invest in walkie-talkies and Geiger counters, together with solar chargers and a stock of rechargeable batteries. Keep any radio equipment in a sealed tin to reduce the chances of damage by electromagnetic pulses from a high altitude detonation.


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