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From the administrative enclave

Sadly, we have to open with a reconfirmation request on inactive Administrator Crazy Sam10. This poll closes Sept 3.

In response to some recent events, I've opened up a forum to review our chat rules... Have your say on them here.

Just over 24hrs to have your say on the Moderator position, and some proposed reforms You'll find that here.

And lastly don't like the current theme? GarouxBloodline has some ideas. Let us know what you think.

Dateline: Rockville, MD

Sorry to disappoint you with the headline, but The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is about to receive a new DLC "Hearthfire". You'll be able to build a new home... You'll also be able to move your spouse in, and adopt children. It will be out on Xbox live in mid September.

(No, I will resist the urge to editorialise....)

Wasteland 2

Brian Fargo's European Tour

Footage of Brian Fargo talking at the unity conference about "the power of the crowd" can be found here on No Mutants Allowed.

But we know what you really want... Here's a snippet showing actual Wasteland 2 Footage:

Wasteland 2 - первый взгляд на игру

Wasteland 2 - первый взгляд на игру

More writers!

Another Writer has joined the Wasteland 2 team. Nathan Long, a sabre and swashbuckling aficionado is also in the team. His back catalogue includes numerous warhammer titles, and Jane Carver of Waar.

Black Isle

Penny Arcade's Checkpoint has talked about the resurrection of Black Isle (at around 2:40) with Chris Avellone.

So that's what he looks and sounds like.

Josh Sawyer Speaks

I yield to the Gentleman from Obsidian Entertainment.

I've heard a number of people call House a tyrant but I'm not really seeing it myself, how exactly does House's control of Vegas function and what about it makes him a tyrant?
He is a tyrant in the classic sense of the word because he took control of New Vegas without any popular support or mandate of its residents. He rules autocratically without any form of legislative body, effectively through personal will and the projection of force.
About aircraft carriers, you do know these things are essentially floating bases that can give power, water, medical treatment, and shelter to disaster areas. Right? See
Operation Unified Assistance
It's supremely disingenuous to frame them as humanitarian vehicles when they were designed to transport fleets of military aircraft. They are powered (most of them, anyway) by nuclear reactors and the ability to desalinate water is a useful side-effect of the power plant's operation. Also the United States possesses more active aircraft carriers (11) than the entire rest of the world. The two nations with whom we could arguably* engage in significant air combat (Russia and China) possess one aircraft carrier between them.
There are nuclear-powered icebreakers and other civilian naval vessels that could provide similar benefits in disaster situations. Defending the size of a huge aircraft carrier fleet because it can be occasionally useful in humanitarian circumstances is like defending the size of a flamethrower arsenal because sometimes you need to light cigarettes.
* These nations' inability to project air and ground forces worldwide means the only likely scenario in which we would get into some mythic future dogfights with them would be if we invaded Russia, China, or their immediate neighbors with a fleet of aircraft carriers.


Relic of the war that wasn't

We've featured a few essential parts of the UK's nuclear war preparation plan - the BBC, Secret Government Shelters, government information pamphlets, and more. But you could be forgiven for asking - what happens to the Queen?

Well wonder no more, we have an answer. Rather than Her Majesty find herself in unfamiliar surroundings, the Royal Yacht Britannia would serve as her home until it was safe to place her somewhere more permanent.

Professor Hennesy, author of "The Secret State" was quoted in the Telegraph as saying:

“She was going to lurk in the sea lochs of the North West coast of Scotland, moving at night from one to the other, because the mountains would stop the Sov (Soviet) radar getting to her. The Home Secretary was with her so they could have a Privy Council with the Queen's Private Secretary, the Duke of Edinburgh and The Queen to appoint the new Government out of the ruins. So that's contingency planning for you, the beauties of the British constitution, but my heavens it's a very grim story.”

Personally, I'd rather be on a Yacht in the Scottish highlands than be in the Prime Ministers Bunker.

(I do have a copy of his book winding its way to me, and I hope to share more secrets from there, and elsewhere in the coming weeks).

That leads us to the question we'll put to you this week - Where would you rather ride out a nuclear war? Tell us in the comments.

15 years of Fallout

15 years of Fallout hits us at the end of this month. We've got a special hole planned, and a special Apprentice task to mark the event... But we need more! Please hit me up on my Talk page with any ideas you have.

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