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From the Administrative Enclave

I've opened up a forum on determining the canon status of any particular event or item.

From Wikia

Semanticdrifter recently blogged the concept of "fair use". Whilst this of course is not intended as legal advice, I thought the following warranted repeating:

Generally speaking, the factors boil down to a consideration of how transformative a use is, and whether or not the use complements or replaces the original work. Some good points to consider:

  1. Does this use illustrate, parody, or comment on the copyrighted work?
  2. Is the article in question more original content than copyrighted work?
  3. Could this article stand on its own without the image or content?
  4. Is the subject of the copyrighted work nonfiction or news-related?
  5. Does the copyrighted work make up only a small portion of the finished article?
  6. Does your use of the image remix or significantly alter the original copyrighted work?
  7. Is the portion of the copyrighted work used only a tiny proportion of the whole?


A common misconception about fair use is that providing attribution (aka saying who is the rights holder) automatically qualifies. Fair use would rarely come into play with material that was originally released under the CC-BY-SA (or similar Creative Commons license) because the nature of these licenses allow reuse as long as the original authors are attributed. For material that falls under general copyright, whether or not you acknowledge the source is largely irrelevant to the fair use analysis. It is certainly the polite thing to do and it fits in with the wiki spirit, but it does not make it a fair use. The same holds true for placing a copyright notice or watermark on the image. While this may make the copyright owner less likely to complain in some cases, it does not create a fair use.

If you feel any content on Nukapedia breaches copyright rules, whether it be your own or someone else's, please feel free to contact a member of the administrative team.

Project Spotlight

We have a desperate need for someone to take over a number of inactive projects. I wont lie to you, some of em need a lot of work, but a couple just need someone to run a few yards to take the ball over the line. Please take a look at this forum and see if there's anything you can jump in on.

News From the Wastes

Long term viewers may remember Chris Keenan, AKA DarkTwinkie from the Wasteland Wiki fan Q+A. This is from the wasteland boards...

This is going to be a game that has actual... real replayability value(for several playthroughs)... it´s going to be Ep1c!
That is one hell of a true statement. One of our main goals throughout development is to get you saying "shit...what would have happened had I done it this other way". It's kind of crazy to think that of the amount of content we'll be adding over the next 12 months, most of that won't be seen by the player on a single playthrough.
I'm just trying to picture a size of the WL2 Arizona area map, since it's looking likely that it will be bigger than the original map.
I just hope inXile do a good job of recreating the original map areas for WL2.
We will certainly be close, with some slight modifications for playability. We have a new overhead map mechanic that requires us to tweak the original distances a bit for fun factor, but for the most part, the locations are in the same areas.

This from the Wasteland 2 Facebook page.

The bulk of the writing for Wasteland 2 is in its final stages. The next phase is about implementation and then lots more writing but based on iteration and the game play experience. Both Chris Avellone and Colin McComb are wrapping up their areas now and we will update soon on the status of the other writers. Also we will have a Wasteland 2 update in about 6 weeks showing off new graphics, game play and other snazzy stuff.


"we had trouble sending your tweet. try again later." no how about you try again NOW, FOREVER until you succeed because you're a computer.— Josh Sawyer

From the mind and Formspring of the man they call JES...

Have you been pleased with the feedback for Joshua Graham? I've replayed Honest Hearts 2-3 times just to soak up his relentless charisma and have been happy to find a modest collection of fan art going for him.
As much as can be expected. A lot of players really wanted to see the Hanged Man/Burned Man incarnation from the Van Buren design documents, so I think most of those people were unhappy with how he turned out.
I had wanted to develop a religious conflict in an RPG for a while, one that wasn't presented as pro-religion vs. anti-religion. I didn't want to use a proxy/fictitious religion and I didn't want to use religion as the set-up for a series of jokes. My first idea for Honest Hearts was a direct conflict between Joshua and Daniel where Joshua was more like his pre-fall self, but I didn't think the characterization would be particularly interesting and I didn't think players would struggle much with the decision of whom to support. It didn't take long for me to change the main conflict to one about Joshua and Daniel vs. an external threat, with the player's choice revolving around which leader to support. I think we often present players with a choice between two bad solutions and we ask them to decide which one is least bad. With Honest Hearts, I wanted the player to decide which solution would produce the most good.
I wanted the player's first encounter with Joshua to be very reductive. In way, I wanted the player to be initially disappointed. They hear legends of this fearsome, terrible, demonic figure and when they first see him, he's doing the equivalent of putting his pants on one leg at a time: sitting at a table maintaining a stack of guns. Even internally, some people complained about his appearance. They wanted him to be huge and monstrous or they wanted his first encounter with the player to involve him brutally gunning down White Legs. I believed that for his character to feel right in the context of the story, he needed to be a man first and the monster later. But that expressed desire on the team made me ask for the graffiti players see on the way to see Joshua: an entire cliff face dominated by the image of Joshua with tiny White Leg corpses falling down below him. In the image, he's like Goya's Saturn, dwarfing and destroying everyone around him.
Presenting the conflict with Daniel posed some challenges because Daniel is not a living legend, i.e. he is even more of a normal man than Joshua is trying to be. Additionally, Mormonism is not a pacifistic religion (and its soteriology does not depend on pacifism), so the conflict could not reasonably by framed around violence vs. non-violence even in the post-apocalyptic version followed by the New Canaanites. Daniel's concern was about larger issues than fighting or not-fighting; he was concerned that Joshua's lapsed nature would cause a whirlwind of warfare that would pull everyone far away New Canaanite traditions to the point where religion was virtually abandoned in favor of a war cult surrounding Joshua.
I had expected that most people would support Joshua, in part because of Joshua as a character but also because of the nature of gameplay in Fallout (i.e., violence is almost always a solution). I did not expect that the Survivalist's logs (written by John Gonzalez) would push so many more people toward supporting Joshua. I think it's an interesting example of players finding their own connections between the two stories and making an emotional connection that pushes them in a particular
Is the bright brotherhood a reference to the covenant from Halo? Just confirming speculation.
Not as far as I know. I think Jason Bright's name came first in the design process; we named the cult after him.

And this from twitter...

#1reasonwhy there aren't more women in game dev: the ratio of male:female applicants is 10:1 in most disciplines (seriously). #plsapply— Josh Sawyer

The Elder Scrolls: Online

Just because I like pretty pictures.... The Alik'r Desert from TES:O. TESOAlkir

Should I include eternity and TES:O news in the digest?

The poll was created at 18:35 on December 1, 2012, and so far 216 people voted.

Chris Avellone talks to Koobismo

American readers are probably familiar with how Al Michaels was traded for Oswald the lucky rabbit... But did you know Chris Avellone was traded for $300 in Interplay games? You do now. Find out even more exciting facts from Chris Avellone's early career, game development and how Obsidian works internally in this interview with kobismo.



Because I figured you couldn't get enough Lanius... Here's a teaser and a press release for your enjoyment.... With just over 2 days to go, they've raised about 13,500.... You can chip in here if you haven't already.

Fallout Lanius - Promo Teaser

Fallout Lanius - Promo Teaser


Only days remain in Funding Campaign

Perth, Western Australia- (November 25, 2012) To celebrate the final week of Fallout: Lanius’ successful Funding Campaign the team has released a new Promo Teaser Video and 3 new pieces of Key Art.

Having successfully raised their initial budget of $10,000 the Fallout: Lanius team now wish to succeed in raising their stretch goals. Fallout: Lanius has now only a week to go and there are still plenty of incredible Funder rewards on offer.

The team has released new Key Art designed by Graphic Designer Jeffrey Phillips ( The three images reveal the first look at the incredible Legate Lanius Armour, as well as an assortment of other characters.

“We couldn’t be more appreciative of the people that have supported us” Director Wade K. Savage commented “Now, I want to see if we can make our stretch goals and really make something amazing for the Fans”.

“FALLOUT: LANIUS” is a blood soaked high concept action epic, which will explore the origin story of the primary antagonist "Legate Lanius" from the 2010 video game "Fallout: New Vegas".


“On the brink of ruin, the Hidebark people are about to be wiped out by the slaving organization, Caesar's Legion. However, their most ruthless warrior would prefer death to dishonour. "FALLOUT: LANIUS" will recount how a single man brings ruin to his people due to his lust for bloodshed and victory.”

Toxic Caves

Rambooze on the No Mutants Allowed boards has recreated Fallout 2's Toxic caves in UDK....

Fallout 2 tribute - Toxic Caves

Fallout 2 tribute - Toxic Caves


Relic of the war that wasn't

Not techically a relic of the Cold War, but these events did occur during the cold war. Following the Second World War a lot of research was done to try and understand how the horrors of Nazi Germany could have happened - why people did bad things simply because they were told to.

One such piece of research was Milgram's Obedience to Authority experiment. This video explains and demonstrates the series of controverisal experiments into following the directions of an authority figure.

Milgram's Obedience to Authority Experiment 2009 1 3

Milgram's Obedience to Authority Experiment 2009 1 3

So, a quick survey, you've seen how the experiment works. You've seen several of ths swtiches are marked "XXX" and would give a potentially deadly shock. How many of the "teachers" do you think progressed to the point where they potentially would have killed the "learner"?

How many do you think would have potentially killed the learner?

The poll was created at 21:57 on November 28, 2012, and so far 106 people voted.

To aviod spoilers, click the footnote to find the answer [1]

I think the moral of the story though is, if you're ever asked to participate in a psychological study, run - don't walk - the other way. You might not like what you learn about yourself.

Next week - In the last of our vault inspiration series, we look at a short film that helped inspire Fallout's look and feel.

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Relic Poll Answer

  1. Millgrams prediction was 3% would give a leathal shock, with maybe 0.1% giving the highest. Shockingly (See what I did there) in his first batch 65% of the participants gave the most leathal dose, although some did resist doing so along the way. This was no fluke, reruns consistently give 61-66% shock rates.