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Welcome to the Nukapedia News digest. On the third stroke the time will be…. the time will be…. the time will be?

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The Survivor2299 - Whats NOT in your edition this week


Due to the speculative, and ongoing breaking nature of the “TheSurvivor2299”/ Possible Fallout 4 tease story, we’re not covering in the News Digest… But we are covering it in a “Living blog”. We’ll be updating it regularly, along with screen captures as the tumblr does have this awful habit of deleting things.

But don’t worry, we have actual Fallout news - including actual news of an actual Fallout 4.

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Yes, Honest to Gawd Fallout 4 News

From Europe… A Trademark

EuropeanTrademark1 EuroTrademark2

What does it mean? Well it means there is a trademark for Fallout 4 been filed. European trademarks start at around €900 a pop, and that doesn’t include the amount you need to pay a lawyer to make sure its filed correctly.

It doesn’t prove the survivor2299 is about Fallout - although the timing of both is suspicious.

Theres no corresponding trademark in the US, nor in Australia (although Fallout 3 wasn’t trademarked in Australia, only Fallout and Fallout:New Vegas, suggesting it may not be necessary there).

Trademarks tend to be use it or lose it affairs. You can file one before you use it, but you have a limited time to start using it (after which it continues indefinitely), otherwise you need to register it again.

Stuff that might be Fallout 4 News

MORE trademarks?
This time from America…. We got two new trademarks to wet your whistle Breaking news Fallout 4

SoulburstTrademark And one more from the land down under: StarfieldTrademark

Speculate Away
From the Bethesda store
Some real goodies this week.

Still nothing new in the EuroStore, and those items there are still listed as pre order for October 2013. We’re advising people not to purchase from this store in the meantime. If you have made a purchase, please get in contact with us.

Stuff that isn’t Fallout 4 News

Didn't something else happen this week? Oh yeah, Playstation
Congratulations launch

Pete Hines PS4 launch

This Is For The Players PS4 Launch advert 4ThePlayers01:01

This Is For The Players PS4 Launch advert 4ThePlayers

Tell us what you find!
Oh, and be careful, cos as the Community Manager at Bethesda discovered...
Skyrim Mash-up for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition - Trailer02:04

Skyrim Mash-up for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition - Trailer

Arcane open in France
ArcaneStudios The latest tentacle in the Zenimax-Bethesda imperium has opened in Lyon, France. Vive La France.
Stick of Truth, delayed again
Yes thats right, the next game from Obsidian has been delayed again. South Park: The Stick of Truth is now due in April. Sounds like someone might not have been respecting someone else’s Authoritah.