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From the Administrative Enclave


Nukapedia has officially decided to Join the Sci Fi Alliance. The proposals to join the fantasy wiki, and neither wiki were rejected.


We've starting splitting the blogroll on the front page between news and community features on a trial basis. All comments welcome here.


Sad news for fans of Josh Sawyer. Formspring is closing down at the end of the month, and with it the Nukapedia account there (and Josh Sawyer's Q+A, hopefully he'll continue this somewhere else).

Bug Policy

Yukichigai has proposed some changes to the way we report bugs, potentially reporting them in more than one location.

C2E2: Chicago Comic and Entertaiment Expo

If you're headed to C2E2 in Chi-Town, so is Wikia, with Wikia sponsoring the Cosplay Contest (I hear theres a contingent of Brotherhood Paladins en route by airship just for that event...). If you can hit us and them up we might be able to arrange for something involving Nukapedia along with their festivities.

Attention Nukapedia Shoppers

Bethesda's opened a new online store full of goodies. Here's a selection of what they have on sale.


If anyone is looking for a gift to give a humble newsman, I really like the Vault tec bag and shirt.  ;-)


As mentioned earlier in this broadcast, Formspring is closing down. Needless to say we'll still try and stalk Josh no matter where he treads.

I will be Honest Fallout 3 Was my first fallout game, and then later on i decided to play the originals and i always wondered why is the game SOOOO Hard? I mean i get old school games i like them as the second person but Fallout 1 was hard how come?
I didn't work on the original Fallout or Fallout 2, but I enjoyed both of them a lot as a player. I think the original Fallout is just representative of the challenge level that RPGs were made at during that era. I grew up playing the original Bard's Tale, Ultima, Wizardry, and Phantasie games as well as the SSI "gold box" series, so that was the type of difficulty I was accustomed to (and still enjoy).
Do we have free will?
I don't know and I don't care.
Which magazine do you want to be on the cover of?
High Times.
What would you do if Torment beats PE in money earned?
Spin my beanie propeller and make an "AWOOOOOGA" noise.
Are your retarded answers over the last few days a retort to retarded questions, or are there any internal causes?
1. Whether I have free will or not has no impact on how I live my life, so I don't care if I do or not.
2. High Times and pot culture are hilarious to me and I laugh every time I see that magazine. Though I have never smoked marijuana in my life, I would want to be on the cover of High Times more than any other, preferably holding huge dank nugs.
3. What am I supposed to do if another game Kickstarter exceeds PE's funding? Cry? Ritually disembowel myself?
So, Free Will?

The poll was created at 23:34 on March 16, 2013, and so far 73 people voted.

News from the wastes

Album pic-2

These mad little guys wear bandoliers of mini-nuke grenades and if provoked, will charge shouting "To Titan!" before self-detonating


Attention Apprentices (Apprentii?)

I've been informed by Lizzunchbox this week that a box of goodies has arrived from Bethesda. I'm hoping to show a picture of the loot when we open the vote.

(Remember guys, 23rd 23:59 GMT is the deadline)

Relic of the War that Wasn't

One of these days Alice, one of these days... Pow, right to the moon.— Jackie Gleeson
220px-Study of Lunar Research Flights - Vol I - Cover
Let us set the scene. You're a superpower in the late 1950's, racing your rival, another superpower, to the moon in order to show that you're the most super-est of the superpowers... How do you go about it?

For the US Air Force, and a young Carl Sagan (yes, the famous one), the answer was quite simple. Blow it up, or at least a small piece of it, and let the worlds largest firework show boost American morale.

The plan isn't foolproof of course, spies are telling you that the Russians have got the same idea, and the astrophysics crowd are worried that if you'll miss the bomb will likely head back to earth, but hey, whats such a small price when defeating international communism?

Thankfully, the Russian project was secretly cancelled in 1958, with the American project cancelled in 1959; both sides worried about the possible impact on civilians if theres a misslaunch, and possible problems in any future lunar colonisation project. Rather than a nuke, it was decided a human footprint would be a better way to show the superiority of American technology.

(Still waiting for my moonbase guys).

Thanks to Energy X for the tip. If you know of any great relics, please pass em on - I need em.

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