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We're Doomed

DOOM Teaser (PEGI)

DOOM Teaser (PEGI)

New York Times reviews Wolfenstein

Shhh, the Grownups are playing
The Grey Lady has reviewed Wolfenstein... here's what he national paper of record had to say.
The New Order is self-consciously retro, a sort of love letter to the style of games made by id Software in the 1990s, like Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. The watchable cinematic scenes are jarringly superior visually to the look of the game when you’re actually playing it. Blazkowicz spends a fair amount of time smashing open crates while foraging for helmets and bulletproof vests. He can improve his health by eating dog food or scavenging from a Nazi officer’s dinner table.


To my surprise, I’ve now gone through that opening level twice. That’s because when Wolfenstein: The New Order was over, I did something I almost never do after the credits roll on a mainstream, multihour video game. I started playing again.
High Praise, but anyone else concerned that a professional reviewer is only playing the game once?

No, there is no Fallout news

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