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Fallout 3 Throwing

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From the Forums
;A lot of talk going on in the forums this week
  • Thinking about joining in the Apprentice next year? We're talking some changes to the game to try and make it more accessible.
  • How about a talk about chat emoticons… there was a recent cull that has upset a few people You'll find that here
  • And lastly, some changes to the Forums to try and make em more useful, we're talking about archiving some old stuff that maintenance occasionally bubbles to the top

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Greatest Game Vote

Fallout voted in top 4 recently completed their vote for the greatest game series ever... The Elder Scrolls won the series, forcing Fallout back into the Top 4... Come on Beth, time for Fallout 4 to be announced already surely this vote is a reminder of just how enduring the popularity is...