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From the Administrative Enclave

Moderator Request

Patroller Tocinoman has applied for moderator status. Have your say here until the 20th of March.

User Page Policy

After a vote that stoked a lot of debate and contraversy, the community has voted 16 to 3 in favour (with 1 maybe) of preventing the "blanking" of talk pages. With the exception of things such as abuse or harrasment you should instead choose to archive your page after at least 40 entries or 32Kb of content. This will assist in managing the wiki.

If you're not sure how to archive, its easy. When on your talk page click on the down arrow next to "Leave message", and select archive. Select the articles you no longer need on your talk page, and the apply button does the rest.

If you have any doubts as to whether or not a comment can be removed, please seek the advice of an admin.

Have your say on Two-Bears-High-Fiving

Two Bears is looking for your feedback on how he's doing his job as an admin - have your say here.

Uploading an image? Please categorise it

When you're uploading an image to the wiki, whether for an article or your talk page, please remember to categorise the image. This helps us manage the images we have so they can be used the most effectively on the wiki.

Thanks Yes-Man.

News From The Wastes

Wasteland Wiki Nukapedia is pleased to announce that we are now affiliated with the Wasteland Wiki; As Wasteland is the game that inspired the games we all love its only natural that the two games do have some cross over between their fanbase(s) and thus wiki contributors. If you're as exited as I am about InExile's upcoming game, you can do worse than to take a look, and maybe even contribute a page or two.

News from the Wastes would like to thank Brian Fargo's Twitter account (@BrianFargo)


The Wasteland 2 KickStarter is currently in Kickstarters' approval process, but take a look at a preview of the Kickstarter tiers.

Pledge $15 (unlimited) Copy of game free via Steam for PC. You will also get a special skill and weapon only available to those who helped fund the project.

Pledge $30 (unlimited) Previous reward + Downloadable free digital soundtrack of the game.

Note, for the following ranks, International Shipping is +$15

Pledge $50 (unlimited) Previous reward + Full large boxed copy of Wasteland 2, complete with cloth game map and old school comprehensive instruction manual.

Pledge $75 (unlimited) Previous rewards + Early release episodic Novella’s on the Wasteland 2 world created by Mike Stackpole, a member of the original Wasteland story team. The Novella will give hints and clues being built into the actual Wasteland 2 game. Also, get premier access to an early playable beta on Steam

Pledge $100 (unlimited) Previous rewards + collector’s edition boxed version of game with in-game soundtrack, old school comprehensive instruction manual with back story. Contains premium box, wasteland miniature, and a Wasteland 2 faction badge. Also get your name the credits in a Special Thanks section.

Pledge $150 (unlimited) Previous rewards +a limited edition numbered collectible coin.

Pledge $250 (1000 max) Previous rewards + Autographed boxed collectors edition copy of the game by Brian Fargo, Alan Pavlish, Mike Stackpole and other key development team members. You will also receive 2 digital download copies (so you can leave your collectors edition sealed up!) and a lvl 1 Desert Ranger medal of honor (real metal medal) limited edition collectible.

Pledge $500 (500 max) Previous rewards + Wasteland Doomsday Preparation Survival Kit. All your doomsday needs in a themed Wasteland collectible bag. You’ll also receive a lvl 2 Desert Ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible.

Pledge $1000 (150 max) Previous rewards + Become an NPC, Weapon or Location in the Wasteland 2 world! We will get your name and (if relevant) a picture of you to add your general likeness to the actual shipped game. Brag to your friends and beg them not to take you out with a Meson Cannon. You’ll also receive 5 digital copies of the game and a lvl 3 Desert Ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible.

Pledge $2500 (100 max) Previous rewards + An exploded blood sausage Wasteland limited signed and numbered collectible figurine. You’ll also receive 10 digital copies of the game to do what you want and of course, a lvl 4 Desert Ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible.

Pledge $5000 (15 max) Previous rewards +We will build a statue in game, in your honor. After getting a picture of you, we will carefully craft this in game statue. You are now forever a part of Wasteland history. At this level, we will also sign and frame actual original concept art from the game. With 30 digital copies of Wasteland 2, you will be a hit with your friends. You will also receive a lvl 5 Desert ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible.

Pledge $10,000 (8 max) Previous rewards + Come to a private party hosted by Brian Fargo, Alan Pavlish and other key members of the Wasteland team (must be able to travel to Newport Beach, CA). Talk design, previous works or anything else you’d like to discuss. Also, a shrine in Wasteland 2 will be erected in your honor. You’ll receive 50 copies of the game to do what you want, and of course, a lvl 6 Desert Ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible.

Have you donated? Click here to brag!

Kickstarter Going Live

The Wasteland 2 Kickstarter has been approved, and has gone live on March 13. Check out Wasteland Live and make your donation!

Andree Wallin joins the team

Andree Wallin, noted for creating concept art for games such as Napoleon: Total War and Halo 4, as well as upcoming Tom Cruse Oblivion, has joined the Wasteland 2 team.

Here's an example of his work.

Nuka Break Season 2

Nuka Break is coming back, and in time for Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East! Season 2 kicks off on April 7. Stay tuned for more info.

Thanks to DavidCG

Project Spotlight

This weeks spotlight is on the continuing Bug Verification project... and here with more is our embedded reporter Limmiegirl:

Bug Verification Project

The bugs sections of pages have aways been notoriously problematic, ripe with all sorts of nonsense bugs, vague reports and, more frequently, reports about bugs that are just too common to be notable. Another frequent problem is how most people don't know the proper guidelines and formatting when reporting a bug, which leads often to messy and confuse sections.

The goal of the BVP is to clean up and standardize the bugs sections. The basic guideline is that all bugs must have either the pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 ( {{platforms|pc|PS3|Xbox360}} ) tag before them (saying the bug has been confirmed in those platforms), or the needs verification ( {{verify|~~~~~}} ) tag after (marking the bug to be verified by somebody else apart from the user who first reported). The first should be added by the person confirming/verifying (not reporting, that's an important point!) the bug, the other by the person first reporting it (or by whoever stumbles upon a bug without the platform confirmation tag).

Also of important is that some bugs aren't notable and shouldn't be in the articles. Clipping bugs are never notable as they're just too common and happen way too often. And generally neither are bugs regarding freezing/crashing, since they're due to overheating or memory overwriting, which are due to the specific circumstances of the user's machine.

There's still a long way to go, but thanks to everyone who has been helping the project now problematic bug sections are already a rare sight. :D

Thanks Limmie, if you want to help, you can join the project here.

NMA talks about Fallout: A Gurps Adventure

NMA has been talking about Russian Fallout's find of some design documents for Fallout: A GURPS Role Playing Game; for those of you playing at home before we had the [SPECIAL] system, the original plan was to use GURPS from Steve Jackson Games. Reasons for the change seem to differ as to which side you listen to - both sides seem to blame each other - but the snippets No Mutants Allowed quote show some of the things some would say are the essence of Fallout showing through at an early stage:

4. The players actions affect the world (and the world reacts to the player)
The game will notice what the player does and respond accordingly. If the player shoots up people in a tavern, the other patrons will notice. If the player seems badass, then the patrons will leave him alone and go on their way. If the player looks like a wimp, the patrons could take him on. As the player gains a reputation, NPCs will notice – moving out of the way, or going out of their way to kill the player.
Once again, we want the player to get involved with what is happening within the game. If the player feels like he is making a difference, then he will want to play more – even if it is just to see how he can change the game world
12. Detailed character creation rules and premade characters (more choices, imagine that from a role-playing game)
The player can choose between detailed rules for making his character (like buying attributes, skills, advantages and selecting disadvantages to get more points) or he can choose from a set of three characters that we will make.

The premade characters will be detailed, and will embody the three types of players: combat, stealth and diplomacy boy. This will let some players nitpick their characters to death, or jump right into the action. As the player gains experience, he can improve his character’s skills and attributes. This will let the player change his character during play. Detailed character creation is important to many role-playing games, and it is certainly important to GURPS. Letting the player fine turn his own character will get the player more involved in the character, and thus the game.

13. We are making this for the public, but we’ll make the GURPS players happy (it gets pretty ugly when they get too happy, you need a lot of paper towels)
GURPS Fallout will be a GURPS title, using the GURPS rules. But first and foremost, it will be a fun role-playing game. It will just happen to have enough GURPS material to make the GURPSers happy. We must keep this in mind. The game comes first.
GURPS gives us:
• detailed tactical combat (turn-based but not slow)
• realistic NPC reactions and reaction based skills
• complex characters that are very life like (with faults and advantages)
• non-combat skills that are useful
• balanced encounters
• a core following of dedicated players


Relic of the War that Wasn't

Scooter-mounted-cannon had this to say about number 8 in its top 10 failed military inventions list.
Used by the French during Vietnam, this vehicle was put together when the French military was lacking the money to provide more sophisticated equipment. They used what they had and often had to improvise in order to try to keep the military equipped. The scooter-mounted cannon was a scooter like vehicle that held a 75mm cannon. The vehicle was mainly used by paratroopers during the 1950s. However, it’s safe to say that this didn’t last long, as it surely offered no type of protection or even stability during war.

I don't care, I still think it would be cool to have one in traffic...

Read more of their top 10 list here Thanks to Yessie for this weeks late relic.

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