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From the Administrative Enclave

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Template Editing Webinar

Last digest I floated the idea of us running a template and coding seminar. It seems great minds think alike - Wikia will be running a seminar later today, and posting it online afterwards.

You can find more on community central. I'll be checking in with people who have registered on our forum to see if we need to run something of our own afterwards drop us a line here if think we need to have our own.

From around the forums

Two Bears High Fiving would like to bring the Capitalisation policy to everyones attention.

Fallout Tidbits

Older members might remember we also had a Fallout Tidbits semi-regular digest as well. I'm incorporating it in the greater Nukapedia News Digest as a trial - if there are any objections/comments/commendations, please drop a note into the comments below.

Artist Adam Adamowicz has passed

I've received an unconfirmed report that Adam Adamowicz has passed.

Adam was a conceptual artist with Bethesda, having worked on both Fallout 3 and Skyrim. Prior to joining Bethesda in 2007 he worked at Jaleco Entertainment where his credits include Goblin Commander and Nightcaster 1 and 2.

More information on Adam can be found on Wikipedia, his blog, on Bethblog and of course his Nukapedia page which includes some of his Fallout 3 work.

Edit: The news has also been reported on the Facebook page of fellow Bethesda employees Fred Zeleny. Thanks KiwiBird for the tip.

Todd Howard's DICE keynote

Bethesda's Creative Director Todd Howard took to the stage at Dice to talk about this, and that. He talks mostly about the game development process, with a focus on skyrim - its 40 minutes long.

Chris Avallone talks Iron Lines/Iron Rivers

The Wasteland Philosopher has been emailing Chris Avallone about the "Iron Lines" Take a look here.


Digest's future

Just a few words on the future of the news digest. With things calming down after the split and no new game in sight, I'm not sure how regular the News Digests are going to be. There will be no more than 1 per week as before, but there might the odd week or two where nothing's published and things held back until there is more to report. That said, if you have news for the digest - perhaps a Fallouty tidbit or perhaps something else, drop me a line on my talk page and I'll include it.

The feedback to Yessie's Nukapedia News Digest logo last week was rather positive. You can see it here on trial again this week, if feedback remains high, I'll consider it a permanent addition. There also didn't appear to be any objections to the new title, again I consider it on trial again this week, and if there's no objection, I'll again consider it a permanent thing.

Relic of the war that wasn't

We seem to have a lot of Rocketeers in the audience judging from last weeks response to the digest, so here's another space themed relic for you.

The "normal" way for people to get around space these day is rockets - get something kinda flamable/explosive, put someone on top in the pointy end and blast - if all goes well you have a space programme. But surely in the second half of the 20th century there's another way, something a little more... Nuclear?

Well Rocketeers, Project Orion is your salvation. Started in 1958 the process seems simple enough to anyone who knows Newton's laws of motion - to each action there must be an equal and opposite reaction - You detonate a nuclear bomb, and let the explosion push you forward - want to slow down, do the same in reverse.

Freeman Dyson (The Dyson Sphere guy, not the vacuum cleaner guy) considers the concept to be one of the few possible ways to build an interstellar spacecraft with current technology.

Unfortunately the Partial Test ban Treaty in 1965 killed any plans to build nuclear powered rockets. But Youtube has a nice explanation on how it might work.

Project Orion A Re-Imagining

Project Orion A Re-Imagining

The Next Nukapedia News Digest

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