Welcome everyone to the game formerly known as “Fallout Apprentice“Nukapedia’s Next GOTY”

What’s this thing whole about?

This is your chance to show off your game design skills. You don’t need to code, or even be able to to draw. What is important is ideas, and being able to communicate those ideas. Each week we’re going to set you a challenge to write about a section of your idea for the next great Fallout game.

Well be releasing one challenge every month. The first one is an open challenge anyone can submit to. We’ll pick some of these to go into our main game and the 3 who get the most points during the main game will enter the grand final.

Challenge 1 - The Raspy Voice bit

Your opening pitch is going to be the the first thing your player is going to experience, the intro just as read as Ron Perlman in Fallout 1/2/Tactics/3/NV. You’ll need to wet our appetite so much that we’re not going to want to play any other game than your game. You should provide us with a full script, and either images to use in your slideshow, or if you can’t find the right image (or images) describe to us what should be there. If you're using Ron, tell us. If you're not using Ron and you're going for a different sound, tell us what the voice actor should sound like.

You should avoid referring to your game’s location in this round. You can censor it if the use of the location is integral to the script, but if we can tell where your location is, your entry will be disqualified. We have a good reason for asking you do this, so although it might seem harsh, its going to screw up future rounds if you do. You can say in general where it is (Midwest, East Coast, West Coast, etc) but you should avoid specific states and cities.

We’ll be selecting these al-a Shark’s Tank/Dragons Den. If we’re in, We’re in, and if we’re out we’re out.

Normally we’ll only give you a few weeks, but so you can start planning your perfect game, the deadline for this challenge is a bit further away - 23 September.

How do I enter

We prefer, if at all possible you enter by publishing your entry as a blog here. If you need some help with basic wiki formatting, one of our former contestant has some instructions on basic formatting here. If you’re entering this way, you should link your blog in the comments on this page.

If you enter using a blog you are free to use any and all wiki features and formatting. You may even use up to 3 linking pages in future rounds. You will of course also be able to use images, both ones you upload and ones already on the site.

However, we recognise this year we have a lot of Discussions users who don’t know how to edit. We encourage you to give it a go, but we will accept entries to the Nukapedia Email address in Word, RTF or Plain Text format. We will then publish this on the site. (Send these as an attachment to

However, if you do enter this way, we will not be able to translate over a lot of complicated formatting. You can use Bold, Italics, underlines, and Headings; you can link to other existing pages and you can include images; but your entire entry will be posted just as a single page, and you will not be able to use more advanced wiki features and templates.

If you start off with the email method, you can change over to more complicated wiki editing later (and we encourage you to do so!). Judges and other editors can help you get a specific effect you’re looking for, but we can’t make suggestions on what you should do.

If you want to see what your final entry could look like, and the sort of thing we're looking for Paladin 177's Grand Final winning entry is here

Your Judges

We look forward to seeing what you can come up with.