Hi Folks,

Some of you know I've been flying this week. Here's a couple of pictures from Tuesday.


So in this pic, you can see what I presume is me on reflected on the perspex canopy, and the wing of the glider I'm flying (an ASK-21, commonly just called a K-21, a common training 2 seat glider (if there are any planespotters out there, the registration is G-CHPV). Under the wing there you've got Loch Leven, the swampy bit is a bird sanctuary, then the Benarty hill, a lovely stretch of Fife, then the Forth of Firth, with just a hint of Edinburgh after that.


Here you can see more of Loch Leven, including Castle Island. For those of you who aren't quite up on British History, Mary Queen of Scots wasn't a particularly nice person and as a part of a scheme killed her husband. After an uprising she was locked up in the Tower on the Island. Eventually she'd escape off to England seeking sanctuary from her cousin Elizabeth, Queen of England, who after years of Improsonment executed her for potting against her. After Loch Leven, you've got the town of Kinross, and some wonderful countryside.

And here's a short flight on Friday.

The camera mount is improvised (a pouch attached by a G-Clamp), so it looks a lot rougher than it is.

If you're ever in Scotland, gimme a shout and I'll try and hook you up. Agent c (talk) 19:00, August 31, 2012 (UTC)