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Little bugs! You won't be slipping past me, little bugs! You skitter and scatter around us, but we can hear you in the walls, oh yes we can! Master Gargantua would not be pleased to see you, little bugs. He despises the little insects almost as much as I. They make him mad . . . and I can't let the insects make the master mad! Time to splat you, buggy-wuggy-bugs!Psycho, Fallout Tactics demo

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Dateline: Rockville, MD

Not much happening this week with Stick of Truth out, and the TES:O Beta seemingly complete... But there's some good stuff coming in the months ahead.

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Your Obligitory Store update.
Yup, its T of the month time, and no Bethesda haven't resorted to selling babies, its the romper-suit thats for sale. $24 for the Romper, and the T-shirt is the usual $20. It does look like however that level up are neglecting the Euro-Bethstore again :(.

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Lets Get Arty.
If you liked Dark Horse Comic's work with Fallout New Vegas, check out their upcoming line of art books for other Bethesda Games including the new Wolfenstein, Dishonoured, and The Evil Within. Here's hope this means we'll get a new coming for Fallout 4.