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Happy Birthday to Us!

It has come to our attention our wiki just celebrated her 10th anniversary! We have tracked down the earliest edits coming from Wikia employee Angela to February 7th. So let's have a cheer and let's look ahead for a healthy 10 years more!

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From The Gunny: We're almost ready to start work on revamping the weapon overview pages. You can see the continuing progress at User blog:The Gunny/Weapon overview page revamp part 3. Help us get this on the road by answering just a few more questions. This is your last chance to lobby for changes or add input before the changes start being made to articles.

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Mens restroom interior
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Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Josh Sawyer says

Sawyer bazooka
Why didn't General Oliver have a unique voice actor? You couldn't find somebody to do a quick Patton impersonation? "Generic Bethesda vaguely African-American voice actor" is not who should be saying the last spoken lines in a game before the ending slides.

Fallout: New Vegas had ~65,000 lines of spoken dialogue.  To record all of the lines, we/Bethesda had four studios recording VO concurrently for a few months.  It was a huge undertaking and unfortunately a few actors/parts got mixed up in the process.

Would you ever consider setting a Fallout game in the South? Charleston would be cool.

My exposure to the American south is pretty limited, but I think there are a lot of places in the south/southeast that could be cool Fallout settings.  Nathaniel Chapman always thought New Orleans would be a very cool setting.  As a Yankee from a family of Yankees, I’d be concerned that I don’t really “get” the vibe of the south enough to it, personally.  Still, I think the right group of people could make something great.


See the original here.

The Gunslinger has passed on

Goodbye My Friend
Fallout boy rusted
On 8 February I was contacted by someone claiming to be the sister of Gunslinger She has informed me that Gunslinger sadly passed away on 18 January. This initial contact was from an anon on this wiki linked to an IP address used by Gunslinger in the past, and communication was continued through follow up emails - as such we believe that this information is reliable.

During his time at Nukapedia Gunslinger served time as a Chat Moderator and Patroller. Although we did have a “cool” period, and he did come and go at times, but I was always proud to call him my friend, and I for one am going to miss him.

If you’d like to leave a few words, you can do so On his talk page