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The Survivor

Pretty disgusted that the 'survivor' website was an apparent hoax. I won't however let it dampen my hopes for another #Fallout.— Erik Todd Dellums, @ETDellums
Yeah, that site again
Yes, it's now been proven as fake. Pete Hines, the VP of Marketing and PR at Bethesda (and occasional meat sheild), has been trying to address disappointed fans with limited results… We’re not really surprised in the news here, but it was fun whilst it lasted.

We can also confirm the culprit has admitted to the fake trademark.

But now, to some real news.

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News from the wastes

Lets get wasted
Wasteland 2’s beta i coming close. If you’re a mac fan, you now have the additional option of buying the original from the Mac Store

…and we have a new image for you this week.., this is a Night Terror WastelandNightTerror

For some reason, I don't think he's the daddy.