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FO4 Red Dress

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Fallout 4 News

Pip Boy Edition Availability

Fallout4 E3 PipBoy

The Pip Boy edition seems to have sold out worldwide. Word has hit the news desk today that allocations to and the Bethstore have increased. There might be increased allocations at other retailers also. The price on the Bethstore is $120 and are strictly 1 per customer.

The Bethesda store is only delivering these items to the Continental US, unlike heir usual lines.

Fallout 4- What we know

FO4 pre-order boxes

The game takes place in and around Boston. You start playing before the war in sanctuary Hills, but due to some quirk of Vault 111 manage to emerge 200 years later, you will be the only survivor.

The default names appear to be Howard and Nora.

Companions include a Dog, and a Mr Handy. Vertibirds and jetpacks have been spotted, as has wha appears to be a ghoul captain or revolutionary, numerous Boston landmarks, and mutants.

You can keep up with all thats been spotted in our Fallout 4 secton

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter GameFront

As you also would have spotted in the big launch, Bethesda has launched Fallout Shelter. This game has been a long time in the making, with iPhone efforts daing back to 2008, and names attached to the project included John Carmack.

You can catch up on all that happens there in our Fallout Shelter section

Wiki News

We completed our Second “All Hands Meeting” over the weekend. Some changes have already happened, some discussions we’ll bring back up in forums shortly to discuss a bit more.

As a part of this meeting, all active Chat Moderators have been given patroller rights, making them full moderators.

Gaming Foxy has been made a Patroller.

The Gunny has returned to his rightful place at the Bureaucrat table…. and about time too.

If you’re adding a file, we ask you to preferance the file name with the game name.

You can find out more about what happened here.

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