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Recap - Yes, there is Fallout 4 news

Happy, Happy, Joy Joy
Just a recap on Ramallah’s piece on the Rock Paper Shotgun story on Fallout 4. You might see Ramallah around the news a bit more now as he’s going to be helping out with the digest and news gathering some more.
“We don’t [have a timeframe for our next game announcement],” (Todd Howard) said, “but I think it’s gonna be a while.”
“We’ve gotten fairly used to all the questions and curiosity over the years. Everyone wants information. Right now, we’re just trying to figure out which of our ideas are going to stick and finding an appropriate time to talk about it.”
So then, it’ll be “a while.” But what about all that voice casting stuff? Well, somewhat ironically, that’s where Howard clammed up. There is some good news, though. PC has reclaimed its spot at the forefront of gaming’s charge into the future, and Bethesda has absolutely taken notice.

Dateline: Rockville MD

Bethesda/Zenimax are ready to make up for their “Maiden” year last year with some smash releases, lets see what’s cooking this week.

The Elder Scrolls: Online

The Dragonborn Goes Online
This week Bethesda and Zenimax Online wet our tastebuds with this Crafting video. Looks like the game is being designed in a way that players who aren’t interested so much in PvP (like me) should get a fun, rewarding experience.

There’s a comprehensive 9000 word review (Thesis?) on here. Here’s a snip that I thought summed up how its different.

Meeting this challenge, which ZeniMax certainly has, required a rework of a lot the rules of combat that MMORPG players have become accustomed to. The most notable of these is the removal of cooldowns from the combat system altogether to focus entirely on resource management, a departure from previous limited action set action-combat MMORPGs like Neverwinter and Guild Wars 2, which opted to remove the resources with cooldowns being the only limiting gameplay factor. I was initially incredibly skeptical of this. Five ability slots? No cooldowns? Won’t this be a spamfest? The answer, apparently, was no. Abilities in The Elder Scrolls Online are all utility oriented. Where MMORPGs of the past would have many abilities that served no purpose other than to deal damage, ESO has removed this by giving each ability a unique utility, and making resource costs strict enough to prevent the spamming of abilities even if someone were to try. Generally, ability use is very situational.
I could not be happier with the result, as even shortly after picking up the game I found that I would never look at my action bar except when checking the status of my ultimate ability. Through these changes, ESO has completely succeeded in creating an immersive gameplay experience that feels more like Skyrim with depth than another MMO. To put how minimalist the UI is in perspective, I disabled it to take a screenshot for this article, forgot about it, and then spent the better part of a minute running into a door wondering why the prompt to go through it wasn’t showing up.

Return (again) To Castle Wolfenstein

What could be better than blasting Nazi's with BJ?
Following up on The Elder Scrolls: Online in April comes Wolfenstein: The New Order from MachineGames, hitting shelves on May 20 2014 in the US, and 3 days later in Europe. Maximum PC have listed it as one of their games that will make or break 2014.

But that's not all folks. Those of us who were around to play the Original Wolf 3d remember that it was only bettered by its followup - DOOM. If you pre-order Wolfenstein, you will get Beta access to the new DOOM when its ready.

Check out this trailer if you’re not yet sure if you wanna… Come get some. Showing the horrors of a Nazi world.

Wolfenstein - 'BOOM BOOM' Gameplay Trailer02:47

Wolfenstein - 'BOOM BOOM' Gameplay Trailer

Nazis, Mechs, and Boom-boom-boom-boom… whats not to like?

The new Wolfenstien is going to

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Evil Within

I wonder if that Evil is Resident?
We're getting ever so closer to August's launch of The Evil Within, by Resident Evil director Shinji Mikami's Tango Gameworks - now part of the Bethesda / Zenimax family.

This week Shinji Mikami talked to Polygon about his time at Capcom, what promoted him to leave, and the early days of Tango. Whilst much of it isn't too relevant, to us, I thought the stuff on the Developer/Publisher relationship that Bethesda has was particularly notable

"Compared to the image of a typical Western game publisher, Bethesda is probably more like a typical Japanese publisher," says Mikami. "They don't force creative people to do stuff. They give that creative freedom to developers."
Mikami says that Tango has milestone check-ins with Bethesda every two months and Bethesda higher-ups can check its work at any point. But he likes their willingness to experiment. For instance, they allow teams to make big-budget, single-player games in a publishing market that tends to favor games with multiplayer features. "We're very proud to be a company that does single-player when a lot of other folks won't," said Bethesda Vice President of PR and Marketing Pete Hines in a 2013 Polygon story.

From the Bethesda Store

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this new print in the Bethesda Store; cant upload it due to wiki issues. So I’ll just tell you its $US40, they’re making 250 only and let the blurb tell you the rest.
These prints are hand-pulled on press, each its own individual work of art. Once sold out, this print will never be printed again. Due to the fragile nature of hand-applied screen printing, and working with paper, these posters are promised in mint to near mint condition, but small differences in coloring, soft corners, ink on the back of the print and other minor defects are part of the uniqueness of the screenprinting process.


Czech this out.
We mentioned Czech Project Fallout (1.5) Resurrection before. Good news is the English Translation is in full swing. Here’s a sample from one of the game holodisks:
Vault 16
Directly below the large metropolitan area of Albuquerque lies the latest wonder of modern technology - Vault 16. Compared to other vaults, its construction may have taken slightly longer, but it is this delay to which the vault owes the highest level of comfort and security for its future inhabitants. Special attention was devoted to its walls, which have been greatly enforced. Its interior is equipped with a number of robots, able to provide fully automated cleaning and maintenance tasks. During the construction of the Vault, certain rumors spread which blamed officials of mistakes in organizing measures. These accusations were investigated by the Supreme Controlling Commission and correctly deemed to lack any merit. In all respects, Vault 16 meets the highest standards and is perfectly prepared for its potential inhabitants.


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