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Fallout 4 Alleged “Leak” and Todd Howard “Tease”

As fake as a 6 cap bill
We were looking into this as the last digest went to press… but the Machinima guys do a great job of busting the myths in this one.

For his part, VP Pete Hines repeated the line said by Todd Howard… that its going to be a while.
This video of Todd Howard has been called a possible “tease” of Fallout 4… But really, he says nothing except that he likes sauerkraut, and that they’ve been working on something for a while, and they want it to be a surprise.

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This Weeks release - Wolfenstein

Doesnt this music seem… Familiar?

Anyone else notice the vertibirds?

Its the real thing

I’d like to buy the world a home, and furnish it with nukes…
What if…. Bottle caps were currency?

Can’t help but notice the shape looks like a Pulowski nuclear shelter…