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Power Station MDPL- 05 Dart gun schematics

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The Gunny wants to revamp Guns pages (how appropriate). Check that out here.

Digital Utopia is working on something amazing that is really going to blow your socks off. Make sure you give it a really good look here.


Are you headed to PAX south?
The lovely people at Fallout Lonestar, a Fan Mod Project are going to give all Fallout CosPlayers they see a Fallout Lonestar Lucky Lady Bottlecap. Get one whilst you can.

Game and Developer News

Developer Roundup.
Bethesda Softworks
News this week from the big 3.

Bethesda has been named by the Official X-Box Magazine (UK) as the Publisher of the year for last year. Perhaps a little odd given the number of releases that they have (and that they are all effectively self-published) but there you go.

Speaking about Magazines, if you were a backer of Wasteland 2, you’ve been gifted 3 free editions of Retro magazine, you’ll find those in Ranger Centre.

And Last but not least, its no secret that the guys at Obsidian are fans of the Shadowrun RPG Universe. Well they’ve backed the follow up to what some were calling the game of the year - Shadowrun Returns. Shadowrun Hong Kong will take runners to, where else, Hong Kong? Its already 5 times over its original target, with 29 days still to go. check it out here - hey you gotta play something until Fallout 4 is announced.

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If you’ve liked the sounds of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Inon Zur needs your help to stay in Classic FM’s Hall of fame

IGN is looking for Australian readers to vote in their “Black Beta” awards. You can vote for Obsidian’s South Park: Stick of Truth, or for The Elder Scrolls: Online, or any other game you like I suppose.

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Cleaning up the Pit

Lastly, on the News Blast

Some mixed reviews on the news blast. Whilst the most popular option was that you hated it (49 votes) 32 of you liked it, and 36 of you thought you might like it if it was cleaned up a bit. Its going back into the shop for retooling for now, but I hope to retry it in a better form later.