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Welcome back to the News Digest, in this Fair Harbour Week. Its out on THURSDAY, the Third day: Monday - Oneday, Tuesday- Twoday, Wednesday - Whenday?, Thursday, the THIRD day.

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You might have noticed that Doom is ou, what you may not have noticed is that Doom is now also a racecar:

DOOM Races to the Indianapolis 500-0

DOOM Races to the Indianapolis 500-0



And what would be better to watch it race than a UAC Jacket for $78? You can pick that up The Bethstore.

Warning, unverified DLC speculative rumour

Some questionable sites, fed apparently by a rumour on Reddit are claiming that the Fallout 4 game files have a clue to the next DLC - "Nuka World". Details are scarce, but speculation is running riot about some sort of theme park.

Whilst Massachusetts isn't home to a park on a Disney or Universal Studios scale, it is home to some minor marks, as well as Six Flags New England West South West of Boston.

Take it all with a pinch of salt. All we know for sure is more DLC is coming. So is Christmas.