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It's Award Season

It's that time of year again, where every half way respectable organisation or news outlet somehow even tangentally linked to gaming, has GOT to come up with a GOTY, or whatever other awards they're giving out, if they haven't given 'em all out already.

Gameinformer has been looking at what they feel are the best RPGs of 2015... although they do give their RPG of the year to Witcher 3 (which they also named game of the year) they do give Fallout 4 no less than three "awards" - Best Setting, Best Sidekick (for Nick Valentine), and best replay-ability - suggesting that despite it supposedly being game of the year, they expect to be playing Fallout 4 long after the Witcher discs have gotten dusty.

Over at the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, Tomb Raider leads their D.I.C.E awards with 9 nominations, and Witcher 3. However, Fallout 4 is nominated for: Game of the Year, RPG or MMO of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction, Outstanding Achievement in Game Design, Outstanding Achievement in Story, whilst Fallout Shelter is nominated for Mobile game of the year and simulation/strategy game of the year. Winners will be announced late Feburary.

Fallout 4 - From the Cutting floor

Judging from this video from Kotaku, the Combat Zone we see in-game is a mere shadow of what it should have been. I really hope this is on the top of Bethesda's "Fix it" list.

Some Of The Coolest Stuff That Was Cut From Fallout 406:06

Some Of The Coolest Stuff That Was Cut From Fallout 4

MrMatty claims mods are incloming

Prolific Youtuber MrMatty released a video this week claiming proof that the Creation Kit is inbound imminently for Fallout 4.

No, I'm not going to display the video, because this is what it amounts to. Some person sent him a screenshot of what appeared to be a steam update indicating that workshop content had been added. The only proof offered was a screenshot, and attempts to independently verify, such as looking for updates himself to confirm it, failed.

Put this one in your "grain of salt" file.

Fallout 4 PC's beta patch 1.3

This latest patch adds a new ambient occlusion setting (Ambient occlusion is a lighting model that calculates the brightness of a pixel in relation to nearby objects in the scene) to the game in addition to weapon debris, which can enhance the experience and look of the game. This new effect is exclusive to Nvidia graphics cards.

Columbia in Fallout 4

In other news, a modder has recreated the city of Columbia in Fallout 4 as a usable settlement with assets from the games. And most importantly, without any official moddings tools from Bethesda! Here is a link to a video showing the mod and a link to download it.

Lastly - Please give

We have an update from the team looking after "Ben Rose", the Fallout Fan whom was struck by a car whilst playing Fallout 4 in what should have been the safety of his own home.

Microsoft, Bethesda/Zenimax and Gamestop have gotten into the spirit, donating various gifts to get Ben back on his feet, with a special announcement involving Microsoft due imminently.

He is walking, with the help of Crutches, and seems to be healing well - instead of two months he's expecting to only be wearing his back brace for another month.

Its not to late to donate, you can contribute here.


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  • Its Award Season
  • Fallout 4 From the Cutting Room Floor
  • MrMatty claims mods are incoming

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  • Fallout 4's PC beta patch 1.3.
  • Columbia in Fallout 4