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The Elder Scrolls: Online delayed

Err, Delayed? How?
How can a released game be delayed you ask? Well, I’m glad you did. Seems Bethesda are having some trouble integrating The Elder Scrolls online with the Console networks… And that's put them 6 months behind.

In the meantime, if you’re planning to get TES:O for your console, if you buy the PC/Mac version today you get $20 off the Digital console version. You’ll also get a free transfer of one single character to the console version.

Just a reminder if you’re picking a console. PS4 players will not need PS Plus to Play TES:O. However, Microsoft will charge you for the pleasure of using your internet connection to connect.

They’ve also promised to add in a stealing mechanic, Thieves guild and Dark Brotherhood quest lines soon.. although one has to wonder why they weren’t there already.

Hit me up in game if you want to join the Covenant of Atom (Daggerfall Covenant); I can set you up with bows, shields and staves.

An Award for Todd Howard

A press release from LARA - The German games award
On May 15thin Munich – the LARA – The German Games Award, will be awarded in a joint ceremony together with the German Computer Game Awards. The absolute highlight of the LARAs is the awarding of the LARA of Honor, which this year goes to Todd Howard, Game Director and Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios.  

On the evening of May 15th, a joint celebratory gala event in the Munich Postpalast, will see the presentation of the LARA – The German Games Award together with the German Computer Game Awards. The LARA is awarded in the following categories: ‘Best International Computer Game’, ‘Best International Console Game’, ‘Best International Mobile Game’, ‘The LARA Audience Prize’ and the ‘LARA of Honor’. Todd Howard is considered one of the pioneers of ‘open world’ games. Over the years his developments have written history and are some of the most globally successful computer games ever produced. As the years have gone by he has also been bestowed with countless awards. The US games magazine ‘GamePro’ rated him as one of the most influential people in the games industry of the last 20 years. IGN counts him as one of the top game developers of all time. Two years ago he had a great honor bestowed upon him: The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) named Howard ‘Best Game Director’. Furthermore Todd Howard is one of the very few creatives in this global industry who has seen each of their last three published games granted ‘Game of the Year’ award status. ‘The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’, ‘Fallout 3’ and ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’. Harald Hesse, Editor in Chief of Gamesmarkt and spokesman for the LARA jury commented: “We are delighted and proud that Todd Howard is doing us the honor of coming in person to receive the LARA of Honor on May 15th. Without doubt, with all of his inventive work to date he counts as one of the most outstanding personalities in this creative industry.”

The LARA of Honor has been awarded within the LARA – The German Games Award framework since 2007. Receiving this award marks the recipient as someone whose work has made a real impression in the history of computer and video games.  The LARA of Honor award winner also earns a place in the Hall of Fame through receiving the award. Previous recipients of the LARA of Honor are: Ralph H Baer (2007), Allan Alcorn (2007), Jürgen Goeldner (2008), Alexej Pajitnov (2009), Nolan Bushnell (2010), Yves Guillemot (2011), Will Wright (2012) and Richard Garriott (2013).

Ron, Ron Never changes

or does he?
Ron Perlman
Some news from Ron Perlman….. He’s starting his own production company called “Wing and a Prayer” to make movies… So if you’ve got a script sitting around, send it to him. Here’s what he said in a canned statement "I am looking to create a haven for the artists that I love and admire to do what it is that they do best, which is to create beautiful cinema,” said Perlman in a statement. “I've always been of the mind that movies that appeal to our better angels — that are smart, evocative, original and visionary — and movies that are profitable are not mutually exclusive of one another. Wing and a Prayer will strive to be exemplary of the great tradition passed down by generations of cinematic masters."

T of the month

Another one
Here’s the Bethesda Vault Boy T of the Month. Frankly I think they’re phoning it in now, so I’m going to phone in my description of it.


Usual price, usual place.

Eurofans… You’re still forgotten. Although LevelUp levelled up their website design, seems they didn't bother spending anything on stock design. As such, no point in linking it again.

Wasteland 2

Can you write two languages? Good, cos I struggle with one.
Just a quick update on Wasteland 2… They hope to have a release date announced later this month, and are looking for Volunteers to help localise the game. You might remember the one of the founders of the Fallout Wiki Project (Ausir) did a some Localisation himself in the early Fallout games. You can volunteer here.

The Moose

A moose loose in the hoose?
The Strategic Nuclear Mooses’ newsletter has kicked into Circulation you can subscribe here.