So you guys know what the vote instructions will look like on 20/1; Please note the vote is not open, this is a draft

Welcome to the first vote in the New Logo contest. After calling for entries to replace any logo on the wiki, we've recieved entries in the following categories:

  • Wiki News Digest (2 Entries).
  • Main Nukapedia Logo (X Entries)

You'll find more information on how this is going to work below

As the number of entries is below the threshold to trigger the "Stage 1" vote, both entries will proceed immediately to stage 2, where you will be able to exercise a single vote for either of the two contestants, or vote to keep the existing logo.

Just in case the Main Nukapedia logo entry could influence your decision, we'll be holding this vote concurrently with the Stage 2 Nukapedia vote.

Main Nukapedia Logo Contest Rules

The stages

As the number of entries has crossed the higher threshold set for the Stage 1 vote, it is intended that the top three contestants will proceed from Stage 1 into Stage 2. In the event of a tie, or near tie, this number may be increased; conversely if less than 3 entries appear to be viable, only those which are clearly viable will proceed. Those that proceed will be pitted against the existing logo in a single-vote round.

Your Vote Today

You may vote for, or against, as many entries as you like. Please vote "Yes" if you would be happy to see the entry as the main logo for Nukapedia; please vote "No" if you would not like to see this entry proceed to stage 2 at all, and vote "Maybe" if you'd like to make a comment or Flavour preference, but do not wish to be included in the vote count.

Determining winners

The counting method that will be used is "Net Yes" votes - that is Yes votes, less no votes - Maybes are excluded for counting purposes. Some examples on how this would work: Entry 1 has 6 "Yes" and 5 "No" - Entry 1 has a "Net Yes" score of 1 (6-5). Entry 2 has 6 "Yes" and 2 "No" - Entry 2 has a "Net Yes" score of 4 (6-2) Entry 3 has 2 "Yes" and 14 "No" - Entry 3 has a "Net Yes" score of -12 (2-14).

"Viable" for the purposes who deciding to adjust the number of entries that proceed to the next stage is a term I'm deliberately leaving a little vauge in order to give a little wiggle room, but it basically means that common sense will be applied - For example if there are 2 entries with a Net Yes of half a dozen or so, and then half a dozen entries with a net yes of less than 0, then you can expect just the top 2 to proceed. Additionally, if an entry has a significantly lower number of voters then it may also be deemed not-viable - it depends on what else is going on.

Things to bear in mind while you're deciding

  • Some entries have included page mock-ups, Favicons, and other additional material. Please note however there is no strict requirement for entries to have these for stage 1 - they become manditory only if they proceed to stage 2. Whilst when placing your vote it may be worthwhile to think about how the entry may be displayed on the page, please do not vote against an entry simply because this additioonal information was not included - we're more concerned about "Concept" rather than "Execution" at this stage - proceeding entrants will be given an opportunity to create or improve their entry for the next stage.
  • Some entries have "Flavours" - different versions of the same basic concept. Where there are different flavours, you may indicate your preference for a flavour, some of the flavours, or against one or more flavours. You may also vote without preference. Even if you vote "No" or "Maybe" you can still express this preference if you prefer.
  • You're going to be looking at this icon for a long time, and its going to become a very important part of the Wiki's identity, so make sure its something you like.

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