This is an important announcement I expect all special users, and most regular users to read.

In the last few months this wiki has been experiencing a deficit of leadership, accountability, maturity and responsibility. We have seen squabbling, over-litereal rules lawyering, insults, private messages relayed or published without permission, and more.

This might be somewhat surprising given that we do have a lot of members in the leadership team, but the leadership team has included most of the greatest culprits. And by leadership team I mean everyone with special user rights.

And before anyone says it, yes, I include myself in that. I have failed to show the leadership qualities you should be demanding from all of us. I apologise for my lack of leadership.

This situation has now caused real damage to the wiki’s skill base. The Gunny has resigned today. Those of you who have seen his messages in chat over the last week may not entirely be surprised. Those of you who have seen them know the events that have lead to it.

This all ends now.

All special rights users have a choice. You are either part of the solution, or you are not. There is no neutral. If you want to continue the behaviours that have lead us here, reconsider your position.

If you see special rights as the way to get something over on someone, or change the population pool of the leadership team to skew it to include certain others who agree with you, or spite admins who don't agree with you, then you are here for the wrong reasons.

If you are reading the rules purely literally without looking at the intent and purpose, you are doing it wrong. I have given plenty of examples in the past on how and why this is wrong. If you are here to rules-lawyer and argue over word definitions, then you are here for the wrong reasons.

This is a wiki, a repository of knowledge. It is not a political party or government. If you want to create factions, this isn’t the place for you.

I didnt want this day to come at all, and I hate to sound all new world order ish, but its time for the boot to come down. This childishness must end.

Those who choose to work constructively on finding a consensus on the issues that have lead us here are welcomed, no matter what side of the argument you may have been on in the past.

Those who do not should find something else to do.