Iron Brahmin Concept Free to use for Mods or PnP games.

(Timeline: Mid Way between FO2 and New Vegas)

The setup:

It seems to be a golden age for the NCR. The land is at peace, technology and education are replacing conflict and superstition; The population of its cities is increasing and the economy is thriving. It seems that they have forgotten that War, War never changes.

This "Golden Age" takes the form of the "Iron Brahmin", an attempt to restore a little more civilisation to the wastes via a new railroad. A railroad that hopes not only to knit the NCR as it is together, but knit the remaining parts of California into the NCR. Work is already well established on the "Southern" (Greene) line (NCR to Los Angeles via Junktown and Hub with spurs to Necropolis and Maxon), about to begin on the "Eastern" (or Tribal) line (NCR to Klamath via San Fran, Redding and Den) and in final planning on the "Western" (or Vault) line (Vault City via Vault 15 and either Reno or Broken Hills, with the residents of Modoc and Gecko lobbying for a spur)

In Reno, the four families have become two - The Wrights, following a trail blazed by a forgotten wanderer were able to outgun the the other families. The Salvatores, recently missing their leader, saw which side of the bread the butter was and threw in their lot with the Wrights. Now able to both outman and outgun the remaining two rivals on their own, the Mordio's accepted the protection of the Bishops and integrated their forces. An uneasy stalemate exists between the two remaining families, particularly as for once in their history they have a common cause - the NCR is threatening to bypass Reno and build the Iron Brahmin station instead in Broken Hills if the anarchy in Reno continues. The two families recognise the effect that the station can have on the city's (and therefore their families) riches and work to ensure something that resembles "order", particularly when the NCR and Iron Brahmin officials are in town.

In Redding, the town's economy goes from strength to strength, and the town is now a provisional state in the NCR. Redding moving out of their sphere of influence has made Vault City very unhappy. Rumours of Vault Agents in the town are unfounded.

Den and Klamath continue as they have for years with little changes. The railroad promises to improve the economies of both cities. Given the Slavers guilds' continued hold on Den, there is a growing protest movement across the wastes against building a station in that city. In Klamath, its a lot less controversial, if its local gecko population were smart enough, they'd realise that the new railroad means more leather and iguana bits throughout California, and a whole lot less them.

In Vault City, the mood is more one of defiance (inside the city at least) and siege mentallity, rather than joy. The upcoming railroad is viewed with fear, fear that its the spearhead of the NCR's attempt to take over the city. Cassidy's former bar now houses a "Consulate" from the NCR, a consulate that is barely tolerated (much like Cassidy's bar was) rather than recognised by the Authorities. In the Courtyard, the NCR are seen as potential liberators and equalisers.

In Gecko, nothing much has changed. Ghouls continue to move to the city, the glow of its reactor makes it a great vacation and retirement resort for the skin-challenged. Gecko's hopes for a spur onto the Iron Brahmin seem remote, but if the value of electricity could be shown to the Iron Brahmin's executives, this could change.

Modoc has become somewhat of a boomtown of late, with the Slags reintroducing irrigation technology to the nearby farms, agriculture yields have increased exponentially. Although its not currently on the Iron Brahmin route, there is talk of adding a spur - talk that makes Vault City quite uneasy as it sees the village within its sphere of influence.

To the south, Junktown has become the entertainment capital of the republic, with that "Junktown Sound" becoming the defining music of the post apocalypse. A fusion between MoTown, Country and Rock and Roll, it has fuelled the creation of a new radio station in Junktown, and its annual "Junktown Sound" talent discovery contest, hopefuls flock here in their hundreds in the hope to be discovered. Darkwaters' Inc has become one of the biggest companies in California, and one of the those pushing the Iron Brahmin project forward. The rail link between NCR City and Junktown is already running, demonstrating to all, the value of progress.

In the Hub, an alliance has formed between the Water Merchants and the Far Go Traders, an alliance that later included Darkwaters' and the Gun Runners and formed into Iron Brahmin. This has left the Crimson Caravaners out in the cold, and furious at losing their business to the upcoming railroad - this desperation could push them out further to new reaches, or inwards to attack the other companies. In the City, the residents of Old Town are up in arms furious that Greene Station and its rail links will be built on their former homes - its the old story of the rich exploiting the poor.

In Adytum and the outskirts of the Boneyard, the Iron Brahmin is seen as the city's best hope. Its distance from the other cities of the NCR has hindered the industrial efforts of the city. The Railroad, backed by the metallurgical experience of the Gun Runners promises to expand their operations and may again make the City of Lost Angels thrive.

The Shi in San Fran, are too wrapped up in their own research to pay too much attention to whats going on elsewhere. They pay little to no attention to the attempts to recruit them into NCR, and have little interest in playing politics.

The story is very different in the Lost Hills bunker. The Brotherhood's public silence on the railroad has amazed those political watchers that remain, since technology is their forte. When the Iron Brahmin was announced without their support, many doubted it would come to existence. Things have chanced with the NCR City to Junktown portion of the Greene line operating, and the brotherhood has begun to take note. Inside the bunker, the elders fear both losing their place in the wasteland, and the technological improvements that the line is sure to bring.

Lastly, to the story of the two Arroyo's. Despite an attempt at unity in the shadow of the destruction of the Enclave, the two peoples of the Vault Dweller have a chasm the size of that which protected the first Arroyo, but function together as a nominal federation. At the site of Vault 13, New Arroyo, dominated by the former Vault Dwellers is taking shape, whilst the Tribals dominate "old" Arroyo, acting as the breadbasket of the fledging federation. The ruins of Navarro are guarded by an Arroyo task force but remain top secret, lest the other powers learn of it; however the Arroyans do not have the capability currently to exploit this location.

The Chosen one left the Arroyans just after Fallout 2 seeking to learn the history of his father. Sulik continues with him searching for his sister. The Elder passed away in her sleep a few years ago. Ruling now is a 6 member council, three of Dweller descent, three Tribals. Two are elected from that factions "homeland" with one from the other city (eg- in New Arroyo they elect 2 Vault Dwellers and 1 Tribal, and the reverse in Old Arroyo), however their meetings resemble those of the Brotherhood in Fallout 1.


Player: The Player is the last blood defendant of the "Vault Dweller" not to have come from tribal stock. The Tribals have had a vision regarding the player as a potential "Great Chief" and the VD's see him as a potential ambassador due to his recent history and lineage.

The MQ: You're the axis upon which New Arroyo will turn, and your goal is to secure the further of your people. Is that further statehood in the NCR? Is it an independent existence backed by the Brotherhood? Is it a diminished/destroyed NCR? A "Vault" alliance? There's a good number of "endings" to this quest.

The Railroads: Is this something to assist, or is it a threat to the wastes? Can New and old Arroyo be added to the route? What about the Den/Modoc/Necropolis Spurs? The Entire Vault route? The Player can decide the answer to all these questions.

The Brotherhood: The BOS are not at war with the NCR, but are seriously thinking about it. The Iron Brahmin is to them a great threat and needs to be stopped. Access to Navarro can be used as a bargaining chip for their (or another faction's) backing - Vault Dwellers have the education to become members, but a BOS alliance is going to leave the Tribals behind.

The Bishop Child: The "other" PC. The Bishop Child has a clear agenda - to take over Reno today, and California (via the NCR) tomorrow. The player can at times work with the Bishop child or against the Bishop child (or exclusively in one direction). The Bishop child pops up a lot (like he's an alternative player). The Bishop Child can assist becoming a part of the NCR, can be ignored for this, or can be used to help sow the seeds of discord.