This is a RFC (request for comment) for a Mod Idea. As I'm still to get around to learning the GECK I'm not recruiting but if I make some progress on my own may one day. If you'd like to use this idea in part or in whole, you're welcome to as long as you contact me first, and namecheck me.


Fallout: Revelations.

Timeline: Concurrent with New Vegas, or slightly thereafter.

War, War never changes.

In the history of Human Warfare, Siege Warfare has proven one of the most frustrating parts of waging war. One side must commit massive resources to tie up the other behind their fortifications, the other faces the issue of shortening supplies. It is never too long until both sides, get desperate.

Act 1

The Player (The Conscript) is forcibly conscripted at gunpoint from a town within the southern NCR. They are given "a tin hat and a gun" and are sent out to the Lost Hills Front Line by rail via the town of Maxson. The train however is destroyed en route leaving the player the only survivor (this prohibits travel to southern towns like the Boneyard for the duration of the game).

The Conscript awakens in a clinic/hospital in Maxson and is given the quest to report to the NCR military leader in town (they can ignore this if they choose).

The Officer advises the Conscript that as their paperwork was destroyed and the other conscripts that would make up his platoon are dead, as far as he's concerned the Conscript was never conscripted and their life is their own ("Since when has just one man achieved anything?").

However the officer does direct them to a NCR Intelligence operative should they wish to serve their country as they clearly have "a skill which could server their country well... that skill is not getting killed".

The Players' survival is news in the town of Maxson (as this is a town that only ever hears the stories of death from the front, the story of a survivor is seen as good news and spreads like wildfire).

The player is approached by a Merchant who offers a crazy amount of money to procure what seem to be simple mundane supplies: Food, Stims, scrap electronics etc. Joining forces with this merchant will eventually have the player involved in a deal where some high tech items are traded for the supplies with a mysterious group.

After a few more missions the Player again participates in one of these transaction where the deal is interrupted by NCR intelligence. Although the Merchant dies the mysterious other party will survive if the Conscript intervenes on their behalf - this becomes the player's formal introduction to the Brotherhood of Steel, who secretly resupply through hidden tunnels with merchants like this person.

Investigating the Merchant will result in the conscript learning he works for the GunRunners, although the BOS do not know this and wouldn't trade with them if they did (The Gun Runners seek to extend the war and thus their income from the NCR military) and some ties to another mysterious organisation that I'll come back to.

Alternatively if the Conscript accepts the Introduction to the NCR intelligence officer, they'll do some recon type missions, have the opportunity to perform the raid discussed above, etc.

In the first act, the player's choice will lock them to their faction for that act, but not for the whole game; there is also a third option (see conspiracy after you read the rest)

Act 2

The Player's chosen faction will reveal their plan for ending the war. They have received/found plans and parts to build a nuclear device. The NCR wants to smuggle the bomb into lost hills to end the WBOS once and for all, the WBOS on the other hand wants to sneak their nuke into NCR city to cause the NCR to fall into civil war.

The player at this point will have the option to report the plans of their chosen organisation to the other side - this however will lock them to the newly-chosen organisation in Act 2; the player will also learn that their new side is also building a bomb. The player can also sabotage the bomb of their selected side, or try and sabotage the other side if they know of both bombs.

The bulk of Act 2 consists of the Nuclear Arms race. The player will be sent on quests to retrieve information and parts to complete the bomb. Certain mysterious people will be involved in this collection, in some cases being the person the Conscript collects the part from, in others offering assistance at an otherwise seemingly impassable problem.

These mysterious people are linked to those that the GunRunner merchant was involved with. If a player talks to the right people, or gets the right information, he can learn of a conspiracy from another group to assist his chosen group build a bomb.

Act 3

This can take many forms.

if the player has not discovered the conspiracy AND doesn't sabotage the bomb- he helps get his groups bomb into position, and detonates it; The Game ends with the "Worst" ending, both sides are eliminated in a near simultaneous blast. The WBOS is dead and the NCR dissolves. the Conscript lives out his days in the bottom of a whiskey bottle, muttering to himself "if only I'd known, if only I could take it back".

If the player sabotages his chosen group's nuke AND doesn't discover the conspiracy - he helps get his groups bomb into position, and after it fails to detonate learns that his chosen faction has been eliminated. This results in a depressing ending.

If the player discovers the conspiracy he'll learn that this conspiracy is helping both sides build a bomb.

  • He can either do nothing about it (resulting in similar endings to those above)
  • Stop the "Other sides" nuke resulting in a "Faction Win" positive ending; the WBOS changes into a MWBOS like organisation, treating non-initiated like serfs whilst the tech elite rule above them; or the NCR eliminates the BOS and begins a new golden age)
  • Stop the conspiracy and unite both sides (resulting in the "best" ending - peace in our time and a golden age for everyone).

There is also an Evil ending, which can be gained either at this point, or at earlier points in the core story lines. In this ending the player learns of the conspiracy and joins it, leading to the "Pure Evil" ending where both sides are eliminated.

The Conspiracy: The conspiracy has its roots within the Followers of the Apocalypse. Not everyone is as benevolent or altrustic as their image seems.

A dissident group within the followers, calling themselves the Bringers of the Apocalypse have fallen from the group's lofty ideals. After seeing enough horrors and/or being mistreated by other wastelanders, some followers have begun to think Mankind's survival after the apocalypse was a mistake, a mistake they intend on correcting.

They work in secret, pretending to be and living as members of the apocalypse, but use the groups' agenda and actions to further their own; they also pass technology and knowledge to outsiders who will help bring about their own goal - the destruction of Humanity (including mutated humans).

The bringers of the apocalypse are almost unknown outside of their own ranks, and only a few of the Follower's leaders know of them


The Lost Hills Bunker : as close to as possible to that represented in Fo1, with a new dug level 5 with tunnels to various parts of the wasteland.

The Front Lines : Surround lost hills on all sides with trenches. Included in the front lines is a "Mobile Army Surgical Hospital" with M*A*S*H references. Quests here include brotherhood given quests to sabotage the lines and do recon. NCR and Neutral quests include supplying the lines and passing personal messages.

Maxson: A new town built between fallout 1 and 2 to act as a trading centre and visitor centre for the Brotherhood of Steel. The town has since the war become a garrison town and is home the Brass for NCR's operation Desert Viper (the Brotherhood war).

Junktown: In addition to being a source of parts, and preferred RnR location for Operation Desert Viper troops, Junktown is the NCR's Music capital, hosting a radio station, numerous bars, and countless would be stars trying to make it rich in the music business.

NCR Capital: As well as the centre of Intrigue for the NCR, this is the location of the Brotherhood end game. Most quests from here are NCR Inteligence quests or bomb building quests, but there are some quests for locals.

Radio stations (possibly too ambitious, as if the rest wasn't already).

California Public Radio (CPR): Mostly talk station in the vein of the Public Radio stations in the GTA series.

JunkFM: Home of that JunkTown Sound. There are quests to auditon and sign acts which can effect the station's playlist.