For those unfamiliar with the term, Infinities can mean mean alternative timelines or universes in fiction - e.g. the Star Wars Infinites series which looks at Luke not destroying the death star, or Luke Dying at Hoth...

This is another half baked idea for a Total Conversion mod; this is based on the "If the Vault Dweller died" storyline, and the wish for (usually newer) FO players to play in the Enclave - something I'll never understand.

If people want to use it, you're welcome as long as I get credited, and you tell me about it.

The Raspy voice bit

War, War never changes. Some wars are fought in the name of Freedom, others in the name of pride but all wars, are fought with a promise of peace, war so that war will not be neccessary but war, war never changes.

In (year) the United States and China fought what generals promised would be the last war, a great nuclear war seemingly to end all wars, a war that left the earth mere charred remains, but it was not enough to change war, for warr never changes.

In (year) the mutatant formerly known as Richard Grey lead a supermutant army to bring unity to the wastes - his idea of unity being a supermutant dominant society where those who cannot be converted are used as mere slaves. This war too, promised to be an end to all wars. Despite the valiant efforts of many would be heroes, including an unknown denizen of Vault 13, his campaign was successful.

But soon, they too will learn, that war, war never changes.


The game takes place a few years before Fallout 2 takes place in the "prime" Fallout universe. The Enclave is just "waking up", and taking stock of the mainland situation - and they do not like what they see - its covered in Mutants, mutants everywhere.

In the North, Vault City is abandoned, its residents now hunkering in the vault; there is no talk, much less any plans, of opening the great vault door anytime soon. Modoc is home to a slave farm - where the "normals" do all the work, whilst hoping that bored supermutant overseers will not decide to fire their miniguns in their direction for entertainment. Klamath and the Den lie abandoned.

Slaves can also be found digging "Shiny" in Redding, and "Your-ray-ne-um" near Reno, the city itself abandoned to the dogs.

Vault 13 continues, all but the overseer oblivious to the troubles of the outside world. Some still wonder what happened to the one who secured the water chip, only the Overseer knows the truth - and he's not too sure how much is actually true, and how much is just the last overseer trying to scare him into compliance.

A few decendants of Shady Sands settlers reoccupy Vault 15, but in its poor shape its not a great existence.

The Steel Scourge, formerly the Brotherhood of Steel, still fortify their citadel at Lost Hills, but the main door is welded shut. There are new escape tunnels dug from which the scourge emerge and seek both food, and fight an insurection against the forces of the unity. Hub, Adytum, Junktown and Necropolis are now mutant dominant towns, with a few normal and ghoul slaves here and there.

Full Timeline

Full timeline is here.

The Player

The player is "The Officer", a sergeant in the Enclave Special Forces

The Game

Old School RPGers will probably be familiar with the term "Dungeon Crawl". Well, thats pretty much what this game is. It more or less follows the tactics "here is your mission go do it with limited choices" format. There's limited player choices, except for some big ones where you could try and unite with (and/or betray) the Steel Scourge, the V13/8/15 Dwellers, or allies on the oil rig etc.

There are combat and non combat options to each major location goal.

Your goal is to secure the Continental US from the mutant horde. This means weakening their army, and once weakened breaching Mariposa, and getting a FEV sample so Curling can create his doomsday weapon... I err mean anti-mutant virus.

The Kink...

This is where the game starts to take a bit of a departure from other fallout games. In Enclave rising each perk represents a mutation, not just an ability. Maybe your exposure made you evolve thicker skin, or better eyes, or bigger muscles - each time you take one, you mutate a bit - unless you take the special "Skip Perk" perk, which doesnt give you any special abilities. As the game goes on, the more Perks you take, the more you change. Take all of your perks, and you may be shocked to learn that you are this universes Frank Horrigan!

The game does react to this - once your mutations become visible, your fellow Americans might pull back in fear. It also effects the ending. Take no, or almost no mutations, and you can go back to your normal civvy life. Take a moderate amount, and you die mutant, take too many, well at this point you're like Horrigan - noones brave enough to tell you you're a mutant, much less try and kill you.