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Fallout: The Apprentice 2012

As you'll probably remember from last week, our judges decided that the following contestants should "join them in the boardroom":

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Doc Incognito
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Dead Gunner
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Well Nukapedia, you have voted, and here are the results:

In a vote to save each contestant gained:

  • Doc Incognito 32%
  • Dead Gunner 34%
  • Denis 517 34%

Sadly, we have to say goodbye to Doc Incognito this week

But you don't walk away empty handed

Doc Incognito will receive his choice of a button or magnet from the Tactical Atomic Panda; The Tactical Atomic Panda - because some things really are just black and white. You may find the prizes you can earn here!

Coming up next week

Just a reminder for contestants, this is due 23:59 Wednesday 22nd wiki time (so 00:59 Thursday London time). Please contact me as soon as you're aware of any issues that may prevent you posting to allow me to add some flexibility.

I've often said that Fallout is not the story of any person, or even of the war, it is the story of the Land, and the communities that grew up after the war. Villages become towns, towns become cities, and the light of civilisation begins to burn bright again.

This challenge puts you at the heart of that. You are to create a new town for Fallout 1. Just a reminder, the Towns in Fallout 1 to get your appetite going are Shady Sands, Junktown, The Hub, Adytum/Los Angeles. The Brotherhood of steel bunker for the purposes of this challenge also counts as a town, where as Necropolis does not.

You also may want to look at Fallout 2 for some town ideas (Klamath, the Den, Modoc, Vault City, New Reno, Broken Hills, Redding, NCR, and San Francisco; the cut Abbey location also counts as a town)

Features that define a "town" are that it must act as a quest hub, it must have trading opportunities, and most important it must be a "community" with at least some sort of "proto-government" - this could be as simple as the town elder in Shady Sands, Killiian as Mayor of Junktown, the merchants council in the Hub, or the semi-military regulators with the puppet mayor.

You may use concepts that are later introduced in later games (such as Dayglow, Maxson, Baja/mexican California), etc.

There is also some cut Fallout content you may use for the challenge - it was in the original design that you could become a super mutant. You may create a town based upon the idea that this part of the game had actually gone ahead.

You should not however use the "Burrows" cut content. This was ultimately rejected because it wasn't Fallouty, not for any time reason.

Note: Other than the burrows restriction, those are serving suggestions. You may come up with and use an idea that is all your own.

All going well, we hope to present round 2 for your perusal on Friday the 24th of August.

Home Viewer Contest

Heres a reminder, the home viewer contest. There will be a prize for the winner to be announced soon.

You are to pitch us a "feature" for Fallout 4. It may be a game mechanic (like VATS), a Perk, a location or faction, or anything else you can think of. You should keep the feature independent of the overall location that Fallout 4 will be in, as that's not been announced (so factions and locations should be kept general).

You should not pitch us the whole game. Just one small thing that makes Fallout 4 different to the other titles.

Link your subbmission in the comment section of this (or any other Fallout Apprentice blog). Each week we'll highlight up to 3 entries, and let you pick the entry of the week. All entries of the week will go into a final vote at the end of the series... So get writing!

(Players in the main game may participate in the home viewer contest as well - and don't worry, I'm planning a prize for at least the winner in that too!).

Just some advice on this: This is in two parts, you have to tell us about your feature, but you also have to tell us how it makes the game different from those before it. Here's some practical examples for the suggestions given above:

  • Perks: Perks typically support a certain style of Gameplay, or enable/improve certain other things like items or other featuyres. Make sure you you're telling me what the problem is you're trying to solve - what gameplay style are you trying to support - is it a new one or has it been neglected, how does it "Solve the problem"?
  • Mechanics: This is a tricky one to give advice on, but again, tell me the problem you're trying to solve. Aimed Shots and VATS allow easier sniper play. The Perk system opens up new abilities outside of the skill system, etc.
  • Location/Faction:Easier to give advice on. Simply come up with something different to whats in the game.

We hope to start including these for your perusal next week.