Fallout Skyline - Apprentice
What if you could... Make the game?

Fallout: The Apprentice 2012

As you'll probably remember from last week, our judges decided that the following contestants should "join them in the boardroom":

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The Old World Relics
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Dead Gunner
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And sadly, we also said goodbye to Yes Man, who had to pull out, making this a double elmination week.

The Results

Well Nukapedia, here is how you voted, in our most popular vote to date:

67% of you elected that Dead Gunner should not proceed further in the game. Thank you for your hard work, but I'm afraid you're fired.

Next Week: Challenge 5 - Broken Endings

Post ending gameplay was out of the game plan for F:NV early on. In this challenge you'll be asked to pitch a concept for a post ending DLC… well, part of a DLC at least.

The amount of endings however do not support an easy DLC option, Either Caesar is repelled at Hoover dam, or he is not. Either the NCR keeps the Dam, or they do not - if they do not either House or You, through Yes Man, have control.

For this challenge, you should select an ending, and give us a quest line that like broken steel pushes the advance onward to its final solution. If the legion were repelled, this should end the threat of the legion for the foreseeable future; if the NCR were repelled then this should have a similar effect. If you select the House, or Yes Man options, you may select either of these options.

Like last time, you are not expected to design the whole DLC (Thats the finale!) You should focus on the main quest line for this DLC. You may mention towns and personalities, and may wish to flesh them out, however you should not let this overtake the main focus of this challenge. Alternatively you may want your DLC not to have a new specific location and instead use existing locations in the Mojavie, in which case you should outline the major changes that takes place to these locations.

The Winner will move to the finale; of the the remaining two somebody will be fired.

Home Viewer Contest

Over the past 2 weeks, We've had 2 rounds of Home Viewer Entries for you to choose from, we have a candidate for a third round, but need an extra (or two) to run a third around of voting.

Where's your entry? Check out the rules here and post a link to your entry in the comments below.