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What if you could... Make the game?

Donald Trump might have refused to sign for Apprentice 2016.... But after a year's rest and think, we're back.

We're still hammering away at things like judges and hopefully prizes, but entries are now being accepted for the Audition Round. The Due date is 15 May 2015. (Now extended because due to exam pressure I can't read anything until then anyway, and popular demand)

The game in 2015

We've decided to reverse things this year, you'll not be pitching content for any existing game (Except for in the Audition), but for a single Fallout game you will be pitching from the ground up. Each week we'll ask you about an element of your dream Fallout game, until the final round where you tell us about the whole game!

The number of entries proceeding into the main game depends directly on the number of contestants who enter, and the quality of entries.

We'll be giving you about a month for each challenge. Don't underestimate the amount of time required to enter. Each year a number of candidates drop out due to time constraints - we'll work with you if you know (and tell us) beforehand a deadline doesn't work for you.

The challenge

The Audition - Whispering Grass
Whispering grass, don't tell the tress, for the trees don't need to know...The Ink Spots

With the world wondering what Pete Hines, and the rest of the team would announce at E3, it would be easy to miss a small patch pre-e3 to their existing games that teased a big reveal to come...

Oh who are we kidding? It would set the world on fire.

In this challenge, you are designing additional content for either Fallout: New Vegas or Fallout 3 to promote your upcoming game.

The content may be anything you wish - quest line, new area, mini campaign, or an overlay to an existing area are just some ways you could approach this.

The content you add must provide clues about a new Fallout game. This game you will be pitching for in the following rounds, more on this in a moment.

You must also "signpost" the E3 conference in the content, encouraging people to watch it (just to be clear, this doesn't mean I want an actual sign post, it means direct them to it somehow).

The more excited you make us, The more likely you are to progress.

Link your entries, as a blog page, in the comments below, along with your questions, queries and comments.

Get inspired by the current entries

If you're wondering how to format it, Jasper 42 has finished his comprehensive entry Don't worry if you can't write quite as much, its quality, not quantity that matters. Write as much as your idea needs to shine.

Short and snappy is Indianaspace2's The dogs proving that you don't have to write forever to have a solid entry.