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Fallout: The Apprentice 2012

Welcome one and all to round one of Fallout: The Apprentice 2012. In this game eight members of the wiki community to compete in a series of challenges, that will result in one of them walking away with the "Fallout Apprentice" crown.

Each week our judges will rank the contestants entries, and you the people will eliminate one, until we're left with just one Fallout Apprentice!

We're waiting for all of the Judges comments and rankings to come in, and as soon as we have them we'll open up the vote. In the meantime, check out our entries for the week. When the poll opens, it will be open for about a week.

Lets meet the Contestants

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Doc Incognito
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The Old World Relics
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Dead Gunner
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Crimson Frankie
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Agent c
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This Weeks challenge


Role playing games are known for their "Dungeons", and not only delivers, but has offered some amazing yet unique "Dungeons" that have succeeded in telling both a story and offering a combat experience: The Glow, the Sierra Army Depot, and the vaults have each delivered on both of these points, whilst breaking away from the typical "go and slay the orcs and goblins" clique.

Your goal in this challenge is to create a new dungeon for Fallout 2. It should offer an experience that is unlike any dungeon currently in the game. You can use concepts similar to that used in other games, but must put a new spin on the concept.

Your dungeon can be combat focused (like Mariposa), Puzzle based (like the subsurface areas of Sierra Army Depot or the Glow), a focus that depends on players actions (Vault 15 in Fallout 2), a combination of the above, or anything else you can imagine. It should not be a settlement or town, and should have limited - if any - trading opportunities.

You may wish to include the locations backstory, quests that lead or must be completed at the location, a unique foe or personality, a map, or anything else you feel your idea needs to make it stand out as the most deserving of victory.

Your entry may take any form you wish. You may wish to put this in the standard wiki format, tell it in the narrative, or any other way that will convince us that your idea is the best.


Yes Man

Golgotha Catacombs

Our Judges say

Agent C: A good solid effort to kick things off Yessie. I really like the way you've tied your "Dungeon" into the greater New Reno area, as well as the other references in the Golgotha area (like the buried Ghoul). I appreciated the pics you've choosen to represent the area, and the extra work you did on Gunk.

The only major issue I have with the area is choice of enemy. New Reno is sort of a mid game area, and by then the player has had their fill of rats - the Broken Hills mine which is placed at about the same point in the game has much stronger Radscorpions, and weakened death claw... I think you would have been better focusing on the Ghouls rather than the rats. But overall good work, and looking forward to seeing more from you.

Jspoel: Has a good Fallout 2 feel to it, clear and understandable story. Also good quest line and support npc. Could have had some more depth and twist to it.


Sycamore Canyon Testing facility

Our Judges say

Agent C:Some solid dungeon design there Fraze, giving the player the "teaser" at the start in the mysterious hangar, and then sending the players down into the hole. I'm also a big fan of the V character, a child like AI could come across as very cute. I hope this is a sign of more good things to come.

Jspoel: Good and well thought of Fallout 2 story with lots of locations, quests, images. Used layout options well.

Doc Incognito

General Atomics International Production Facility

Our Judges say

Agent C:Yours was the only entry in the end to use the narrative approach, and there is nothing wrong with that (the official remit does say that it should be in the form you think best communicates the idea), but it does make it a little hard for comparison (I believe one of the people who had to withdraw were also planning a narrative based entry), that said, I haven't marked you down for that.

Going in the narrative gives you one advantage that going in the wiki form will struggle with - getting the theme of the area right. It seems that the General Atomics International Production Facility would be a creepy place to visit, and offer the player another sneak peak at the Enclave before getting to the 2nd act. Would have liked to have seen a bit more specifics in the layout and defences, but those are probably harder to quanify in the narrative form, but overall I thought it was a good entry.

Jspoel: Nice approach of the challenge, but the many conversations make the story/pace go a bit slow and divert from the location.

The Old World Relics

Elko Military Compound

Our Judges say

Agent C:Another impressive entry. I like the way that you've tied the quest back with two paths leading to it - one from Gecko, and one from SAD... What I would have perhaps thought would have been brilliant though is if there was instead a romantic link between the two AI (and thus a "nice" ending), but thats just me. Good Work.

Jspoel: Bit in the same line as Dragonborns story, loot attention could have been less, good history section and Watson as the npc leading up to a well thought of quest line. And good supporting npc page.

The Ever Ruler


  • [[User_blog:The_Ever_Ruler/Fallout_Apprentice:_Malmstrom_AFB|Main Entry Page]]
Our Judges Say

Agent C: An interesting entry. Not sure if its really a dungeon, and the being able to visit it before blowing the oil rig confused me a little - The Enclave has abandoned the site because of something that hasn't happened yet? I think instead this works better as a random encounter, one that can only be found after the destruction of the Enclave, but I can see you've put a lot of hard work in it, and have a well written proposal.

Jspoel: Good effort, but I miss a bit Fallout 2 layout/feel, more towards Fallout 3. And I see no npc or quest line.

Crimson Frankie

The Vile Chapel

Agent C:I love the idea of a group that is convinced that the great war didn't go far enough - to me this is the big group that has been missing from Fallout games since day 1. I also really apprencate the prictures that you've included, they do an amazing job of setting the dark feel of the Chapel. An Amazing entry, and for me the one to beat this time.

Jspoel: Original and good in-depth story, although that also makes it hard to follow from time to time. Used lots of layout options like sublocs, weapons, perks, item, npc mentions and combined location/quest line well.

Our Judges say

Denis 517

Vault 69

Our Judges say

Agent C: I would have liked to have seen a bit more Denis. Its great you've included a quest for the area in the infobox, but this seems to be as far as it gets... Why is the Chosen arming the Enclave? Who's given the quest? etc. Lots of unanswered questions.

Jspoel: Fun story, but lacks somewhat Fallout 2 feel and I miss depth with some twist and turns happening. And diverts from the dungeon challenge being a vault.

Dead Gunner

Vault 1

Our Judges say

Agent C: I think you have a great pitch for a Vault Experiment, and I like how you've tried to make it based around the story of the vault. However again I think it could have used a bit more, more information on the layout, etc.

Jspoel: Also more of Vault story and lacks dungeon feel. But a fun story/well to understand, bit short, lacking some depth.

The rankings, and the vote

Lizzunchbox is on a break at the moment, so its just J and I this week. The way this is calculated is I assign 1 point to the person at the bottom of the list, and 2 points for second last, etc. Between the first 3 places there was only 1 point difference.

The winner, earning "Qualified Immunity" for next week is DragonBorn96. As long as you do not come last in Challenge 2 and you submit an entry, you are immunise from elimination next week. You may want to use this as an a chance to relax a bit or try something a bit experimental.

The rankings are as follows

  1. Dragonborn96
  2. Crimson Frankie
  3. Old World Relics
  4. Yes Man
  5. Ever Ruler
  6. Doc Incognito
  7. Denis517
  8. Dead Gunner

So Nukapedia, its time to vote; the bottom 3 are up for elimination, vote to keep your favourite - The bottom placed in this poll will be eliminated.
Polls now now closed. In a vote to save:

  • Doc Incognito 32%
  • Denis 517 34%
  • Dead Gunny 34%

Doc Ingcognito will sadly not be progressing to the next challenge

Home Viewer Contest

Here it is, the home viewer contest. There will be a prize for the winner to be announced soon.

You are to pitch us a "feature" for Fallout 4. It may be a game mechanic (like VATS), a Perk, a location or faction, or anything else you can think of. You should keep the feature independent of the overall location that Fallout 4 will be in, as that's not been announced (so factions and locations should be kept general).

You should not pitch us the whole game. Just one small thing that makes Fallout 4 different to the other titles.

Link your subbmission in the comment section of this (or any other Fallout Apprentice blog). Each week we'll highlight up to 3 entries, and let you pick the entry of the week. All entries of the week will go into a final vote at the end of the series... So get writing!

(Players in the main game may participate in the home viewer contest as well - and don't worry, I'm planning a prize for at least the winner in that too!).

Just some advice on this: This is in two parts, you have to tell us about your feature, but you also have to tell us how it makes the game different from those before it. Here's some practical examples for the suggestions given above:

  • Perks: Perks typically support a certain style of Gameplay, or enable/improve certain other things like items or other featuyres. Make sure you you're telling me what the problem is you're trying to solve - what gameplay style are you trying to support - is it a new one or has it been neglected, how does it "Solve the problem"?
  • Mechanics: This is a tricky one to give advice on, but again, tell me the problem you're trying to solve. Aimed Shots and VATS allow easier sniper play. The Perk system opens up new abilities outside of the skill system, etc.
  • Location/Faction:Easier to give advice on. Simply come up with something different to whats in the game.