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Fallout: The Apprentice 2012

Welcome one and all to round three of Fallout: The Apprentice 2012. In this game eight members of the wiki community to compete in a series of challenges, that will result in one of them walking away with the "Fallout Apprentice" crown.

Each week our judges will rank the contestants entries, and you the people will eliminate one, until we're left with just one Fallout Apprentice!

Last week - Denis517 was Eliminated, and we welcomed the first 3 of our home viewer challenges. This week, we have a twist in the game.

Lets meet the remaining Contestants

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Due to time Commitments, I (Agent_C) will post my feedback now, and the other judges will join in when they can.

This Weeks challenge


Challenge 3 - Renovation Rescue

Searchlight Airport in Fallout New Vegas doesn't have a lot going for it. some inaccessible buildings, some rusted planes and a few radscorpions. For an area marked on the map one expects that there should have been more here.

Your challenge is to renovate Searchlight Airport. You may simply add content to what is there, or you may rip up everything and redesign the area from scratch with different buildings. You may choose to make it a town, a combat area, or just the outer cover of something that lies under the surface, or you may have a completely different idea.

The only restrictions are 1) It must be able to keep the same map marker name (i.e., it still must be "Searchlight Airport") and 2) It must be a more interesting place to visit than it is now.


Yes Man

Location article
NPC article

Crimson Frankie

Location article
Colin Kerr
Charles Henning


Location Article

Old World Relics

Location Article
Faction - Easy Company

Dead Gunner


A Twist - No Rankings this week

This week, The Ever Ruler has had to pull out of the competition, and as such will be eliminated right now.

That means this week, there is no vote to elimiante. Instead you will all be given the choice to vote one of our contestants your favourite, the winner recieving a critical limited immunity in Round 4 (our 15 Anniversary special).

So, Vote away


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Judges Comments

Agent C

Yes Man

Another great quality entry from you. I love the mystery and treasure hunting elements to your entry, not something I thought of when designing the task. The name of the reward for completing it I thought was inspired. I think this would have been an awesome spooky addition to the game, like the sacrifice vault, and really wish I could experience it… Good Job.


A lot to like this week… An NCR officer so desperate for resources he's willing do to a "deal with the devil" to get more resources is an interesting plot twist, and the duelling quests is very much in the New Vegas style.

The only thing I can really critique negatively is the "Airborne" quest, I don't see the legion being particularly interested in just another war machine, and I don't think it really added anything to the area - it was strong enough without it. Other than that a really strong effort.


A tribal "Cargo Cult" based around a night kin trapped in the basement I think is an inspired idea. I cant really fault anything here except that it left me wanting more… Maybe another quest line would have helped fill things out…. maybe something based around the Nix and the artefact above the door.


Having a Pre-War ghoul group inhabit the area I think was really interesting, and the concept behind Easy Company I think was great. However I would have liked to see a bit more here, maybe a quest given by the remnants

Dead Gunner

Firstly, I want to say that the standard of your entries is improving, but there still seems to be a bit of a gulf between yourself and everyone else. Basically what you needed to do for my money was to detail the quest Air Superiority - what happened to the soldiers? I really don't have a clear picture in my mind what you were planning.


Yes Man

You've really made an effort again with this entry, making the location something that could have been added by developers into the real game. Making it an emergency landing zone to Nellis AFB is an original idea. Location well split up into different sections and images, each with their own part of the story. Good quest line with the notes and slowly going towards finding out what really happened to Joseph and the Legion troops.

Crimson Frankie

Yet another good entry. We just might have a few story writers for the next game among our wiki members. Well constructed background story and I like you turning Polatli into a 'bad guy'. Also well done with your choice of quests which poses the player for moral dilemma's just like in the real game.


Original idea with adding a bit of mystery with the 'green man', but the location and story lacks a bit of depth. Fairly straight to the point with what to do with Torsk. Sections/npc look a bit scruffy on the location page, although you made some of it good on the seperate npc/weapon page. Also reminds me a bit too much of Fallout 3 with the images.

Old World Relics

A somewhat disapppointing entry. I remember your previous ones were better, probably because you had more time to create them. You have talent, I don't really see it back here. You've done ok with the inclusion of the images and the ghouls remnants faction. Not linking the Easy Company on the location page was a slight oversight. I just hope for a next entry you can make an extra effort.

Dead Gunner

Reasonable background story and ok quest line added the various sections of the airport. Could have used some more images and quests as to give it more twist and turns.


Like Jan, I'm literally stunned by how great the details are here across the board. Some great reads. Truly amazing!

Yes Man

Wow, what a great set of details. I loved reading this. I like the notion of the mystery behind what happened to the team, and the Joseph McConnell character/reveal is appropriately macabre. The ability to hack the departures computer to shortcut is 100% consistent with Fallout values and design. Nice touch, as is the I Put a Spell on You tie-in.

Crimson Frankie

This feels like a real Fallout mission in terms of details, characters, and question choices. I want to play this. The background on the Searchlight survivors is a nice touch. I'm impressed. There are some tremendously tense decisions here in the quets. I like the "Hiding the Traces" quest particularly. I also liked the Colin Kerr write-up.


Holy cow, the legend of the Green Man is great; it's simultaneously a source of mystery, a good character, and a great quest. The decisions about what to do when you find him is great; I love decisions that force players to think. This execution on the Searchlight Airport isn't as detailed as the others, but compact, tidy locations/missions are a key part of Fallout. Bravo!

Old World Relics

Very basic write-up, but I like the Remnants NPCs and the Easy Company quite a bit. I think there would be some very interesting (and funny?) conversation trees here. Good graphic for The Remnants also!

Dead Gunner

Fairly basic write-up, but placing the airport at the center of a struggle between factions is a good idea. The trap in the basement is gruesome - I like it a lot. More cannibalism in Fallout, please!

Home Viewer Challenge

This weeks Home Viewer Winner is Denis517 who has crawled back from defeat a victory for his "Keeping it light" perk, he'll progress to the Home Viewer Final. We'll be featuring more home viewers in the "Boardroom" post next weekend. Here's a reminder of the challenge:

For the home viewer contest You are to pitch us a "feature" for Fallout 4. It may be a game mechanic (like VATS), a Perk, a location or faction, or anything else you can think of. You should keep the feature independent of the overall location that Fallout 4 will be in, as that's not been announced (so factions and locations should be kept general).

You should not pitch us the whole game. Just one small thing that makes Fallout 4 different to the other titles.

Link your subbmission in the comment section of this (or any other Fallout Apprentice blog). Each week we'll highlight up to 3 entries, and let you pick the entry of the week. All entries of the week will go into a final vote at the end of the series... So get writing!

(Players in the main game may participate in the home viewer contest as well - and don't worry, I'm planning a prize for at least the winner in that too!).

Just some advice on this: This is in two parts, you have to tell us about your feature, but you also have to tell us how it makes the game different from those before it. Here's some practical examples for the suggestions given above:

  • Perks: Perks typically support a certain style of Gameplay, or enable/improve certain other things like items or other featuyres. Make sure you you're telling me what the problem is you're trying to solve - what gameplay style are you trying to support - is it a new one or has it been neglected, how does it "Solve the problem"?
  • Mechanics: This is a tricky one to give advice on, but again, tell me the problem you're trying to solve. Aimed Shots and VATS allow easier sniper play. The Perk system opens up new abilities outside of the skill system, etc.
  • Location/Faction:Easier to give advice on. Simply come up with something different to whats in the game.

NB - You must post your proposal as a blog, and link to it in the comments. If you just describe the idea in the comments, it will not be considered.

Please also include the following code at the top of your blog page:
{{directionbox |text =This page is a part of the [[User:Agent_c/FalloutApprenticeRedirectPage|Fallout: The Apprentice contest]]. It should not be confused with in game content |image =50 Vault-Tec C.E.O..png }}

That's all for this week - join us next week to see who will win the round and for your first look at round 4 - our 15 anniversary special. Why not tell us in the comments who you think will be this year's Apprentice?