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It is with great excitement that I reveal the first challenge in the Main Game of Fallout: The Apprentice.....
If you missed the entries, you can find them here.

But what is a game like this without contestants... Returning from last year we have the following:

Returning Contestants

Returning Contestants
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The Old World Relics
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Dead Gunner
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But who are the new Contestants? Join Lizzunchbox and myself right here to find out... We also talk about some of the other entries.

In order to avoid spoilers... I've but the qualification winners at the bottom... Click here to skip to it.

No rest for the wicked

Challenge 1 starts... NOW!

Challenge 1 – City of Lost Angels

Obsidian caused a little buzz when it was revealed that they had been pitching an idea for a new Fallout game, to be set in Los Angeles. Although this ground had been trodden in Fallout 1, as we have not seen this area for over a century in game time, there is plenty of scope for new ideas.

This challenge puts you in the development team for this project.

This is a challenge in 2 parts.

Part 1:

As Obsidian’s newest employee, you’re tasked with creating what is intended to be the first “Dungeon” or “Combat area” encountered in the game. The overall quest and background for part 1 is still being hammered out by Tim, Josh, MCA and Fergus so you will need to keep things a little generic for now, however they do have high expectations from you.

  • Although the guys aren’t quite ready to lock down the characters backstory just yet, they’re looking to get this “early game” location locked down now. To help get you started, they’ve suggested some sort of prospector/scavenger location for the player to loot to get some early equipment.
  • They’ve stressed that this is an “Early game” location, although the essential tutorial stuff (how to walk/run/jump) will have been covered by this point, the use of skills has not yet been “taught” to the player. You need to make sure there is an opportunity on this level to use at least the following:
  • Something for the player to “Hack”
  • A door or save for the player to lockpick
  • A crafting bench, with enough minor loot nearby to make an item of your choice or invention. This item should be required to progress at some point.
  • The guys have also had a bit of writers block when it comes to adding new skills/abilities, or new ways to use old skills. They agree its important that this location have some challenge that cannot be bypassed by the abilities (or the way abilities are used) in Fallout 3/New Vegas and have left this to you to figure out.
  • Design a new ability (it may use an existing or new Skill/SPECIAL attribute and/or item, or you may create a new skill; it may also be a feature that returns from an older Fallout game) and a challenge for it to overcome (to teach the player how to use it). (Abilities include lockpicking, hacking, crafting, etc).

Part 2:

On one of his inspection tours, Pete Hines has reviewed your dungeon in progress and has been impressed… So impressed he wants to show off your work at E3 as a play-through to help in the game’s announcement… However, he thinks there’s something missing, some sort of conclusion….

  • Pete wants the area to end with some sort of “boss” to show off the capabilities of the engine. This can either be a humanoid, or a brand new creature (Robots count as a creature, unless they are replicants (similar to Harkness)).
  • Whichever way you go, this “boss” must fit in with the rest of the level, perhaps through its backstory or through some effect an item in the location has (you can also come up with your own idea)
  • If you’ve decided to go with a humanoid (Human, Ghoul or Supermutant, Human Replicant (like Harkness)) this person should stand out as being unique.
  • You may not use a Super Mutant Behemoth or anything remotely similar. That more or less played this role in Fallout 3.
  • If you’ve decided to go with a creature, this should be something brand new to the series.
  • Non-replicant robots count as creatures for this purpose.
  • I do not want to see Cartman’s Cazaclaw idea. Yes, it is brilliant, but I want something new.
  • There should be multiple ways to bring the boss down, not just through combat. Include some alternative skills/ability options.
  • Whilst you may include a speech challenge to gain some bonus in the battle, Speech should not be able to bypass the challenge completely.

General advice

  • Use the spec sheet here as a ticksheet to confirm you’ve hit all the points
  • There is no reason at all why multiple points can’t be met my a single thing… If you need to build an item to use the new ability, and can in turn later use that on the boss, that’s fine. Equally, if you don’t want to chain these together that’s fine also.
  • Remember this is an opening level dungeon – creatures should reflect this.
  • Deadline is 23 March 23:59 Wiki time (GMT). If there are any problems with the deadline, please tell me as soon as you know there is an issue.
  • The public vote will open on March 28. One candidate WILL be fired!

Can I take part?

Yes! Sadly we're not doing any home viewer challenges, but we will be featuring YOUR reviews. Just post em on the candidates blog posts and we'll feature the best.

Qualification Winners

New Contestants
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Last years winner, and this years' Judge Crimson Frankie talks about the top 4.

I loved the amount of detail here too. Garoux has a very unique, poetic way of describing things, and that contributes to the beauty of his entries as well (clarity is also important for creating the tone of the entry). I liked the history of the group very much, with Ba’al and his acolytes being behind scenes in some of the biggest events in the Fallout universe. That was well constructed, as well as the extra entries detailing their warriors and Ba’al’s story itself. Moreover, the quotes are great. Good job.
The only problem seems to be the apparent lack of motive in Ba’al’s “quest”. I don’t know, but I felt as though he and his sect just want to bring horror, a motif that I found to be a bit empty given the brilliant writing and details demonstrated by Garoux.
Other than that, it's hugely impressive, Garoux. A great job you did there with the creatures too (just saw their entries later), and I strongly recommend that you use them in other of your entries ahead. You've clearly put a lot of effort into their conception, and it'd be a pity if they'd just stay here. Congrats!"
Whoa, St. Pain, calm down, mate! This is just the beginning! No need for such a humongous amount of detail! I mean, it’s great, and it certainly looks great, and you took the cake in the category “details and thematic pics”. Crossover quests, characters, the veiled Lady Asteria (although her character seems a bit flat, but that’s just opinion). Great job there!
The idea is definitely unique: an exotic shop with that Gypsyish/Romanian/Exoteric style gives it a cult aura; regular people in the wasteland would be at least interested to know the place better and learn about its history, maybe admire it to the point of idolatry; you know the ideological maladies of the post-nuclear world, right? Maybe something to think about in case you want to revisit or revamp the location in future entries.
However, something bothered me: it seems like such a unique, spectacular place doesn’t fit well in the market place in Rivet City; it would look out of place, perhaps a bit ridiculous even. I would look for a more selective ambiance elsewhere in the ship. Maybe the lower levels, who knows.
Another little thing that bothered me is the 24-hour service clashing with the off-limits nocturnal rule in the Market area. It seems silly, and it sounds as though they’d tell you “man, this is 24-hour open, but you have to stay inside all the time, otherwise people will get mad at you”. Shouldn’t the people over there have a kind of concession agreement with Rivet City to allow Pandorioum clients *only* to stay around during nights, in case they need to leave earlier? That’s the problem with such an exotic business being inside the regular market area.
The Merc Lounge
I think Ghoullover’s idea is the one shop that would have a useful nature out of the entries here. I love the idea of having a place for my merc character to feel at home. The great idea here lies in the bulletin board (somehow resurrecting the Fallout 1/2 bulleting boards as well): having quests available there is what makes the place so special, and so “visitable” (there is no such word, I know XD). The quests seem fairly good, especially the second one, which gives the player that choice experience so absent in Fallout 3. Great idea.
The only con would be the slight lack of more detail. I was left wanting more...
The Happy Life
I guess the idea was well delivered in short, concise lines. I like that. It is a different, unique concept for a shop in Fallout (I personally have never seen a child shop in any of the titles), which gives the wastelander a sense that “there is still something pure and innocent out there”. However, I think that I bit more was needed on Alastair’s fantasy with the living bunny. I was so curious about that story! :-(
Another issue seems to be the Curse of Tears quest; it seems silly to me, since who would actually hold on to a toy that damages them? There should be an actual mystic aura behind it all, something of the like.
All in all, I think Leafless delivered a worthy idea, and he is definitely fit for the Apprentice competition. Be welcome, mate!


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