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Fallout: The Apprentice 2012

Welcome one and all to Fallout: The Apprentice 2012. In this game eight members of the wiki community to competed in a series of challenges, that will result in one of them walking away with the "Fallout Apprentice" crown.

But only one can win. Our friends at JunkRadio beat us to the story....

The Results in detail

Well Nukapedia, here is how you voted.

  • Old World Relics - 109 Votes
  • Crimson Frankie - 114 Votes

Thus, our winner is - Crimson Frankie!

From the winners circle - Crimson Frankie

I’d like to thank everyone who grew fond of my Fallout 4 concept in this finale and voted for me, and to say that it's been an honour competing against all these talents; that's no cliched nonsense. What these guys have done is no less than what I have done, and I am sure that the effort put into these entries has been as immense as mine. A special commendation to my good friend Nathan (Old World Relics), who got to the final in great style and with top-drawer entries, and to Fraze (Dragonborn96), for the 3rd place and the equally talented entries that got him to that point. Commendations also go to all the other contestants, true imaginative minds that proved that you don’t need to work for a gaming company to make a Fallout concept look amazing. Congratulations, lads!

There is no shame in second - Old World relics

Well, first off, I'd like to say thank you for everyone in the community who supported me and voted for me. It really did mean alot after all the work I put into these entries. So Thank you to all of you. As for the challenge itself, I may say it has been a load of fun, and a huge honour to complete in this contest. To be pitted against writers and artists as skilled as they were was truly something I shalln't overlook or soon forget. Each week when I saw all the other entries that came in, I was blown away with the obvious amount of detail that was put into each entry. Truely amazing and well done to all the other contestants. Making it to the finale two was something I had never imagined. It was an honour making it this far, and to be pitted against such a great artist, writer and all around great guy as Frankie was something in of itself. Frankie, it was amazing completing against you in the finale and I will never forget the amount of detail you put in. You really deserved to win

and I can say I'm content losing to someone as talented as yourself. Overall, I can say this is a competition I won't soon forget, and I look forward to possibly completing in next year addition of Fallout: The Apprentice. Again, congratulation on your amaizng entry and win Frankie. You really deserved it. Your Always; Nathan - The Old World Relics

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